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Flat rate. Unlimited everything, forever.
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Ultimate Plan
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Unlimited Everything
Unlimited Posts
Unlimited PageViews *
Unlimited Pages
Unlimited Team Members
Manage Multiple Stacks *
Manage Subscribers
Auto Optimized for SPEED
Search-Friendly & Lightning Fast
Auto optimized for SEO
Safe & Secure
Free SSL
Detailed analytics out of the box
Custom Domain
Publish directly to your own domain/sub-domain/sub-directory
Auto AMP-enabled (Google loves this)
Auto-generated sitemaps
Auto generated canonical tags
Server Side Rendering (SSR) for fast content delivery
Auto-generated & customizable Robots.txt
SEO Checklist & Real-time analysis of your content
Customizable meta data for every blog post
Easy Onboarding and Content Migration
Single-click blog migration from Wordpress & Google Docs
Powerful yet Easy-to-use Editor
Clutter Free editor
Helps with focus
Real-time suggestions on your content
Beautiful Themes for every need
Built-in templates for numerous types of content
Monthly addition of new & beautiful themes
Customize and Build your own theme
Powerful Plugins & Integrations
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Facebook Pixel
Priority Support
Live chat & email
Feature Coming Soon
To-do lists & Tasks assignments
Idea pad
RSS feed
API access
Knowledge base
FAQ pages
Gated content
ZAPIER, Mailchimp, Google Ads and other Integrations
What is TypeStack?
TypeStack is a simple, fast, and beautiful WordPress alternative for all your content needs. With TypeStack, you can have your blogs, pages, knowledge base, FAQs, and all your content published in minutes, all while our AI auto-optimizes your content for speed and SEO.
Why should I prefer TypeStack to WordPress or other similar platforms?
With TypeStack, you don't need to worry about optimizations, page load speed, and getting discovered on Google (SEO). You can just focus on the content and we will take care of the rest. TypeStack lets you publish content that your readers/audience and search engines love. You can publish blogs, a Knowledge base, FAQs, Pages, gated content, paywalled content, and a host of other content in a seamless way with TypeStack. WordPress is a legacy tool and is incredibly complex to use.We believe once you go TypeStack you never go back.
With TypeStack my pages & content loads faster?
TypeStack AI intelligently optimizes your content & blogs. It builds your entire blogs & content pages beforehand (this is called server-side rendering) and stores them. A user visiting your website will then see this pre-built copy. This makes the whole site load incredibly fast for the user and also for the Google bots scraping your website. Google loves a fast loading page. This is one of the important parameters for having your site ranked well on Google and other search engines.
Why does my content need to load faster?
With TypeStack your pages & content will consistently score 90+ on the page load score parameters (also called Lighthouse score). A high Lighthouse score is important for Google. A high Lighthouse score also means that you have a well performing website. The speed that a page loads at is extremely important as users do not want to sit around waiting for your webpage to load. The minimum page load time that is recommended is two seconds, this is what a user unconsciously expects. If your page takes longer than this your user will slowly get frustrated at your website and may end up leaving.
Google concludes that slow websites are a problem of usability and SEO, because it knows that users don’t like waiting for web pages to load. The speed of the sites feed into Google’s search results. Google knows that it can be detrimental to the user experience if people switch to slow-loading websites, which is why it attaches great importance to page speed in determining its rankings.
So, with TypeStack my page loads faster, that’s it? What else does TypeStack do?
Here are some things we automagically take care of for you.
  1. Page load speed - Your site loads faster with TypeStack.
  2. Mobile friendliness - Your content is optimized for mobile viewing automatically.
  3. Mobile page load speed - The content loads fast on both desktop & mobile.
  4. Secure and accessible content - HTTPS sites by default
  5. Content optimizations
  6. Servers
  7. Theme implementation - which is usually a nightmare on Wordpress
  8. Sitemap & Robots.txt - A robots.txt file that tells Google where it can and can’t look for your site information. A sitemap that lists all your pages.
  9. AMP page creation - Very important factor for ranking well on mobile searches
  10. Schema Markup - Use schema markup to tell Google what kind of content you’re producing

These are only a few things we take care of for you. Our AI takes care of many other technical stuff important for SEO. In short, we take care of almost all the technical SEO and on-page SEO for you.
I will start getting organic traffic from Google immediately with TypeStack?
We do not guarantee this. In fact, no one can! TypeStack only takes care of the optimization and ensures that the content is presented to search engines (read Google) in the right way. Google then decides where to rank the content based on quality and various other parameters. You still have to write high-quality & relevant content to rank well with search engines and to start getting traffic to your site.
What types of content can I publish with TypeStack?
You can create a blog that has technical and on-page SEO taken care of. Along with this you can also create a Knowledge base and FAQ so that your users are guided well and onboarded properly. You can also create gated and paywalled content where you can let your users see content only after a certain event like signup or payment.
Can I publish content on my own domain?
Absolutely! You can connect yoursite.com/blog or blog.yoursite.com to TypeStack. We support both sub-domain and sub-directory creation for your blogs and pages. However, this feature is not available in the free trial.
Can I connect my domain anytime or do I need it at the time of signup?
By default, your blog is hosted on yourblogname.typestack.ai. You can connect to your domain any time you want. You don't need to have a domain at the time of signup.
Is TypeStack editor good?
We have created an awesome clutterfree block based editor that is very similar to the one available on Wordpress or Notion. We are going to make significant improvements to the editor in the future. The editor is clutter free and helps you focus on writing content without any distractions. When the time is right our AI editor will nudge you into completing some critical components required for SEO so that your content is ultimately ranked well on search engines.
Can I use notion or google docs and publish via TypeStack to my website?
We are working on this. Soon, you will be able to write on Notion or Google docs and have the content published to your website via TypeStack in just a click. You or Your teammates can publish content from multiple editors/sources. While we provide a great editor you can still use an editor of your choice (Notion or Google docs) and still publish your content.
Can I import and migrate content from other platforms to TypeStack?
This feature will be made available soon. You will be able to migrate from WordPress, Ghost, Medium & Blogger to TypeStack in less than 2-minutes once this feature is active.
I am already on Wordpress. Can I migrate without losing traffic?
Moving all your existing WordPress content to TypeStack would take less than 5 minutes! Your original content after being super optimized by TypeStack.ai would be live in just minutes, all without losing any existing SEO or traffic. This feature will be available soon.
Can I change the theme and layout of my content with a wide selection like on WordPress?
Yes. We have beautiful themes and layouts that you can select from. You can even create your own theme by choosing components that you would want. The selection may not be as wide as the one available on Wordpress, but all our themes are part of paid plans and you won’t pay anything extra. Plus implementing them takes just a few clicks! We will expand our theme offering with time.
Can I unsubscribe from TypeStack?
There is a 14-day free trial and you do not need a credit card to sign up and try us out. Post the trial, if you love the product (we hope you do) you can subscribe to our Ultimate plan. After subscribing, you can cancel your subscription anytime right from the dashboard or by emailing us at team@typestack.ai.
Do I get a refund when I cancel the subscription?
You can cancel your subscription anytime. In the case of yearly plans, you will get a refund on a case-to-case basis. Our team will coordinate with you for the refund in case of a yearly plan. In the case of monthly plans, you won’t get any refund. Your next billing cycle won't be charged to your card once you cancel.
Does TypeStack own my content?
You or Your firm owns all the rights to the content published on TypeStack.
Can I download my content if I want to move to a different platform?
Yes. You can download all your data from the dashboard in just a click. This feature will be available soon.
Can I add Google Analytics to TypeStack?
Yes. You enter your GA code in the settings part of the dashboard and track your analytics on Google analytics.
Do I need to pay separately for analytics?
No. You get all the advanced analytics for free for every one of your stacks by default. You can add other analytics tools if you wish to.
Is it truly unlimited views?
We like to keep things simple. This is why we have only one plan. We have Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limits. Once you cross FUP limits we'll reach out to you to work with a pricing plan that works. As of now, the FUP limit is 250K monthly views.
What is a stack?
A stack is basically a website where your content is hosted. It is a combination of Blogs, Knowledge base, FAQs, and Pages. It can be all, a few, or only one of the mentioned types of content. Each stack needs to be subscribed individually. Within a stack, we do not have any limits.
How many stacks can I have?
You can manage any number of stacks from a single account. Your role across stacks may also be different. You might be the owner of one stack whereas performing the role of a writer for another.
Where can I reach out if I have more questions?
You can email us at support@typestack.ai or message us from the live chat.
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