Five underrated SEO lessons

Team TypeStack
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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is vast and extremely dynamic. It is constantly changing and evolving. As a marketer you need to keep yourself updated. Yet there are some lessons that stay the same. In this blog we’ll share five underrated SEO lessons, to help you boost your SEO.

1. Update content frequently

Update your content often. This is much better and more effective than building more links. We understand that you need links to rank. So if you do not have links, go ahead and build some. Links only take you so far. We found that if you build less links and update your content frequently, you do better from a SEO perspective. When we say updating, we do not mean a word or two, or image. We mean adjusting that page to make it the best for your audience and to make your content better than your competition.

2. Don’t take shortcuts

Shortcuts aren't worth it. For example, a site called Battlefield Bypass whose domain had expired but it had a lot of authoritative links. These links were naturally generated and not bought because the site belonged to a national park. Famous marketing expert Niel Patel bought this site, and turned it into an online casino. Within a few months, the site was ranking in the top three positions for the keyword, "Online casino." This was a keyword that was worth thousands of dollars a month in affiliate revenue. But within the next few months Google got hold of this site, and it lost rankings. In essence, he was trying to cheat the system by getting ranking and traffic, by cheating instead of providing value.

Sites that have top rankings, in the long run, are sites that provide the most value, not the ones that trick the system and cheat their way up to top positions.

3. Build a brand

The third lesson, it's much easier for brands to rank. Brand search queries go a long way in Google's eyes and in their algorithm. The higher the number of people searching for your brand, and the higher percentage of those users clicking on your result, tells Google that you have a good, strong brand. If your brand is more popular than your competition, it gives Google an indication that people prefer you more than your competition. As your brand queries grow your rankings will also go up. It takes time to build a brand, sometimes it could be more than 5 years. So you need to be patient, because eventually it helps with SEO.

4. Go Global

The fastest way to grow your SEO traffic is to go global. Did you know that the majority of searches on Google are not in English. This might sound obvious, but these people also do not speak ENglish and Google does not have enough pages in all these languages, for most topics. So you need to transcribe your content into multiple languages. Make sure you transcribe and not translate. This is because you need to adapt your content to the local languages, not just translate. If you want your traffic to grow and you want to reach a larger audience, you need to go global.

5. SEO is not everything

Do not rely only on SEO. You need to have a combination of all marketing channels. Although SEO is extremely effective, it is not the only marketing channel and you need to explore other channels as well. All marketing channels have their own strengths and you need to figure out the best way to make them work for you. As long as you drive traffic, increase brand awareness, leads, and sales. So don't not focus on SEO, but don't only focus on SEO. Spend time and effort on all marketing channels.

While SEO may seem daunting, it's actually not that difficult to get started. By following the best practices we have shared, you can start optimizing your website for better search engine ranking and grow your traffic.