7 Ideas For Your NEXT Email Newsletter

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Dec 01, 2022  . 6 min read
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Clicking to this blog and wanting to read about email marketing shows that you already understand how email marketing affects your business in various ways.

Now, you need to get on the email marketing train, but where do you even start? We all are aware of the fact that consistency is really important, but what do you actually include in your email newsletters? And how do you ensure that you are showing up with value-packed pieces of content every time you land in someone's inbox at the end of the day?

Your goal is to create email newsletters that your subscribers actually want to read, so how do you even do that? Well, fortunately, we've got lots of sparkly inspiration for you. Let's dive into the seven email newsletters you need to send as a service business.

We are here to help if you are a service-based business, maybe you're a coach or a consultant, and you want to share your expertise with your audience. Or, you want to really build this influence and be able to showcase that you are, in fact, the expert in what it is you do. And email marketing is the way you've decided to share this message, and why wouldn't you- it's got the biggest return on investment of any marketing activity.

You could be clocking in at 36 dollars for every dollar you spend, which is just insane, right? And suppose you see little to no return from your social media. In that case, it is understandable because many businesses are struggling to get organic growth on Instagram and convert to sales.

Without delaying further, let's dive into this blog which is all about email newsletters and how you can leverage the power of email to build your community and share your message with your audience.

Your brain is going to be bursting with ideas with all this inspiration, so here we go.

1. Content promoter

If you're already creating content for your audience, maybe you're sharing a blog or a youtube channel or podcast, then this is going to be an easy one for you.

You can share emails whenever something new goes live with your audience and create a little bit of buzz about what this piece of content is going to be about. So use this email as a teaser, so this is your opportunity to tease that they should listen, read, or watch the bigger piece of content.

2. Announcement

if you're speaking at an event or you're running a masterclass, make sure you tell your list about it. Ensure that you share that you have this incredible thing that you are going to be creating and sharing with the world. Give a couple of dot points about what's included, and include a big shiny button to allow your subscribers to buy tickets. You need to make sure it's super clear that it is the 'call to action.'

3. Freebie

Nothing says "I love you" like a freebie, so your audience is going to be rewarded with some value-packed piece of content that's really going to help them in their business or their life. It can be a guide, a template, or some free class that you're just offering to your subscribers. Because you want to make them feel special, that really has a purpose and is something that they're going to want to continue to open up your emails and look out for your content in the future.

4. Promotion

This is your opportunity to drive a little bit of extra revenue in your business and promote something that you offer. Maybe a discount or a bonus, but make sure there's some sort of urgency involved so that they have only a really short time frame to take advantage of this. You may want to line this up with some sort of holiday, maybe a black Friday special, Christmas, Mother's Day, or whatever it is. Or you could just create your own reason for promotion; maybe it's a business birthday, or you've reached a milestone, or you just want to celebrate in some way.

5. Mini blog

Use your email as an opportunity to share a piece of almost long-form content. So add a little bit more detail, add those headers in and make it really easy to read and digest and take away some tips and strategies straight away. Remember that your email subscribers are in skim mode. So making it really easy to read and understand is so important.

6. Tell a story

As a business owner to other business owners, you have a unique advantage- you've been where your audience has been in the past, and so you can share challenges. And tell them how you've overcome them, really sharing that personal behind-the-scenes look at how to do what you do.

7. Check-in

This is a really short and concise email that you could send out to your subscribers. Email newsletters do not have to be really lengthy creative pieces of content.

They can be simple and short, and you can really drive some sort of 'call to action,' whether it be to a Q/A session with you or to download something or just to say, 'hey, if you're experiencing this challenge, reply to this email, and I'll provide you with some tips.' Now you should be bursting with ideas for your next email newsletter, and you might want to mix up these ideas and try new things every single week or fortnight or however often you send your newsletter. Because to keep it fresh, you're going to keep your audience really engaged and interested in what you are sharing.

In a nutshell, you want your audience to actually open and read these emails, so you are going to want to be able to create killer subject lines that spark curiosity and make your email subscriber go, "Oh! This looks really interesting; I'm going to open this one," so if you want some ideas for subject lines to go, explore, and do research for engagement boosting subject lines. And we hope the above-mentioned ideas will help you get more readers and make your business grow efficiently.