Beginner's tips for copywriting

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Dec 01, 2022  . 5 min read
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In this blog, you're going learn the number one marketing skill you will ever learn, called copywriting. Copywriting is the most important skill you'll learn as a marketer. Using words that you put in an ad or on a web page. And using those words correctly to convince people to buy your product, to click on your affiliate link, or to do a consulting call or anything with you is magic.

It is the most magical quality you can have, and it is not to be taken lightly. If you also want to get good at this skill, then keep reading to learn six major copy tips for beginners. The more you learn copywriting, the better you become at marketing, and the more powerful your bank account grows.

So, let's dive right into the copywriting tips:

1. Use smaller sentences and shorter paragraphs

In school, they teach you to write long sentences, use semicolons and colons, lots of commas, and what-have-you tips. And Nice, fancy complicated Shakespearean sentences. That doesn't work.

In real life, what works is short sentences. For example, in the 2016 presidential elections, there was Hillary Clinton, the Democrat, and President Trump, who is a Republican. And how many people can call tag lines from Hillary's campaign? Whereas most people can still recall tag lines from Trump's campaign for president. And we all have witnessed who won there.

So try not to use run-on sentences and long paragraphs. Keep everything really short. Really basic grade level, and you'll be more successful in writing ads.

2. Read Amazon reviews of a product

Why would you read Amazon reviews about a particular type of product? The reason is that you can see exactly what people are thinking about a particular type of product, what they care about, What they want in the product, What language they use, and What words they use.

Try particularly look at the three-star or lower reviews. People who had a problem with the product. Look at what people desire within a product. And doesn't need to be the exact same product you're selling. For instance, if you want to market a product on how to make money, you could find books that talk about how to make money. If you want to market a weight loss product, find a lost product on Amazon.

If you want to market skin care and photography equipment, look up those types of products and find the 1 star, 2 stars, and 3 stars reviews on those products and see what people are saying. Because if you can address the biggest concerns of people when they're buying these sorts of products, you're going to have a winning ad. You're going to create a winner. If you're dressing all those concerns with your writing, you will sell the product.

3. Use proven formulas

There's no reason not to use proven headline formulas because you can easily find out what the proven headline formulas are. If you study copywriting, if you study ads. There are proven formulas that already work that you can use in your ads.

4. Customer focus

We see a lot of advertisers saying, I, I, I and me, me, me. What you want to do is you want to focus on "You." Talk to the YOU. You can make a lot of money. You can succeed in life. You can be whoever you want to be. So, focus on the customer. Focus on them. Don't talk about what you want to talk about. Talk about their concerns from the Amazon reviews or whatnot. Talk about what they're thinking about. Talk about what benefits are in it for them.

In a nutshell, don't focus on yourself, or you know all those little things about why you created the product. Talk about them.

5. Make it newsworthy

Make my stuff newsworthy because news catches people's attention. If you say breaking news or if you say, "Alert: People wonder what's going on." Another good word would be "New discovery." Right? That's a headline you should use. "New discovery: Miracle weight loss formula from the Brazilian jungle is now has been found. And can help anybody lose weight." That's marketing right there.

6. How you speak/ Don't get it twisted

Copy should be simple. It shouldn't be using superfluous language. Even the word superfluous is sort of a superfluous word. The point being use short sentences. Talking at a low-grade level. Talk how normal people talk. The biggest mistake we see people make in copywriting is they think that marketing is like a weird little alien, and they have to write this non-human way and like it like they have to write like a marketer, like an advertiser. Marketing should just sound like you're talking to normal people.

One of the crucial things that you can do for your users is make your content readable. And we hope this article will help you in making your copies more readable and attractive to your audience.