Best Affiliate Marketing SEO Strategy

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In this blog, you are going to get an explanation of a great and effective affiliate SEO strategy and how you can adopt it to your own business regardless of what market you're in.

Without any delay, let's understand the affiliate SEO strategy, how you can apply it to your business, and how using it to rank for keywords all across the board in various niches is good for your business. With it, you're going to have a higher likelihood of being able to rank in the search engines as opposed to something that is brand new. 

Most people will start their affiliate website with a brand-new domain. Also, they will go out, and they'll build out content. And after all this, they will start working to build links. Sometimes, they'll buy links, and sometimes they will use vendors to go out and try to get links. 

There's nothing wrong with that, but it's too slow, so what we would rather do is tap into existing authority. There are domains that are out there that you can tap into that already have trust, age, and a good backlink profile.

It works when people build a website- they've got the domain name that they're buying, it's around 10-12 bucks a year, depending on what extension it is that they're buying, and then they renew that every year. If they don't renew it, then what happens is it goes to the auction block, and people can bid on it, and you can buy these domains after somebody has done all the work. 

Think about it this way- somebody goes out, buys, and they do all the work:

  • They build out the content
  • They get links
  • They get press releases 
  • They get links from high-authority sources
  • They let the domain lapse

So what happens at the end is that it goes to this auction block, where people bid on it, and the winner gets the domain name. 

Most people try to look for that needle in a haystack, and they never find it because they're too focused on finding that keyword in the domain name or making sure that it's something that's knit while not looking at the quality links. If you also do that, you're really wasting your time because you're never gonna find that. 

However, there are many software that's out there that will allow you to look at the backlink profile, but essentially, this is where we want to be sure that if we're bidding on this domain, we want to be sure that we have got some good authority links. If you don't want just one or two because if you lose those links, then that's going to make the domain less valuable, so you want to be sure you've got more. The more, the better on the links. 

Also, you would want to make sure that you're not getting those that have spammed links and not going to invest in that domain because chances are good that that domain was spam to death. While getting ready to bid, make sure that the domain is indexed. You would want to immediately tap into Authority and be able to start showing up in the search results.

Afterward, again, make sure that this domain is indexed and proceed with the other checks. Only this way you'll be able to start seeing rankings at the top of the search engines by simply tapping into age domains that are hitting the auction block.

There are a lot more details, and there's a lot more research that you have to know because if you go and you just start bidding on some of these things, then you stand a really hot chance of overbidding on something that doesn't have the value. So make sure to understand all the aspects of bidding while thinking of buying new domains. 

Hope the information and strategy discussed in this blog will help you the way it has helped us to grow our website.