9 Best Readability Checkers To Improve SEO Content

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Nov 25, 2022  . 7 min read
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9 Best Readability Checkers To Improve SEO Content

As a content creator, you consistently need to produce a lot of content, spending hours on it to tell everyone about your brand. But have you ever wondered whether the content you are writing is easy to read? To pass the readability test, you need to use one of the best readability checker tools. Besides having the skill to create top-quality content, you also need to make your content easy to understand for your target audience. For doing the SEO for your brand or business you can use an SEO content checker tool along with any readability analyzer.

More about the readability score checkers

If you are a start-up owner with a limited budget and want to check your content before publishing it for your target readers, you can use any free readability checker tool. Moreover,  there are various best readability checker tools that come with free trial versions. You can use them to test and understand how these readability checkers actually work. Once you get the hang of it, you can decide which one to purchase for your content readability checking purpose.

What is readability in content writing?

Readability in simple terms can be defined as how easy or difficult it is to read a particular piece of content.  This is an important aspect of content writing that people often forget to pay attention to. If your content is easy-to-understand, it will score high, and vice-versa. Google algorithm prefers content having a high readability score.   

Why give importance to readability score?

As we mentioned, search engines prioritize content that is well-written. Publishing high-quality content is important but along with that, you need to put a little bit of attention on attaining a good readability score which you can achieve easily with the use of one of the best readability checker tools. This way, you can rank your content higher in the search engine result pages.

Moreover, consistently working on improving your content readability score would help you to reduce the bounce rate of your website. It can also increase the click-through rates of your content. These factors may not have a direct impact on your content’s ranking in search engine result pages or SERPs but they would help you to keep an eye on your web page's health. You can also boost dwell time by providing a smooth reading experience to your readers.

What affects your content’s readability score?

The readability of a piece of content depends on many factors which include words per sentence, length of the sentence, and the difficulty of the words that you have used in your content. Words that have higher syllable counts are more challenging to read than those that have shorter syllables. 

One of the most common measurements for readability in the English language is the Flesch-Kincaid Test, which is basically two tests; one for measuring reading ease and one for measuring grade level.

For reading ease, the more score you obtain, the easier the content would be read by your target readers. On the other hand, grade level indicates which level of education is required for readers to understand the piece of content that you have written.

So, now after running a check on any readability checker tool if your content scores poor, then what to do? You can make use of the best readability software or checkers that would help you to improve your content’s readability score.

Microsoft Word Editor

Microsoft Word Editor is one of the best readability checkers that has a readability ease feature. It would provide you with a good overview of how your content reads. Under the review tab, go to spelling and Grammar, then complete spellcheck, You would be able to view the document stats. Also under the Readability section, you will get stats for reading cases and grade levels.  You can also see the percentage of passive sentences that are present in your content. 

To obtain good readability regardless of the readability software you use, try to write in an active voice and maintain a percentage of passive sentences under 10%.

Readable Readability Tools

Readable is one of the world’s most powerful readability scoring tools that people love to use. It has numerous features which include functionality specially designed for websites. In addition to using the Flesch-Kincaid Score, this tool has some amazing marking standards. It assigns a grade between A to E to your content piece. Not just that, it provides you with certain metrics that help you to understand what percentage of your target audience would be able to understand the content. You can also check the keyword density using this tool to improve your SEO. 

WebFX Readability Test

WebFX Readability Test is one of the quickest ways to check the readability score of your content. You can just simply copy & paste your text, enter the URL of your blog post, or embed code to test your content. This would help you to get a very quick overview of the reading case and the age group of people who would understand your content. It also provides you with statistical data related to sentences, complex words, and average syllables per word.

Datayze Readability Analyzer

Datayze Readability Analyzer is another great readability checker tool using which you would get data related to your content’s overall readability score. It uses the Flesh-Kincaid, Gunning Fog, SMOG, and Fry Readability metrics. 

What is Fry Readability? Fry Readability is one type of graph-based formula that uses different sentences and syllables as variables. It basically plots the text on a graph with respect to the score which is given to a paragraph of sentences present in your content.

Hemingway App

This app helps different content creators to streamline their work and achieve higher levels of clarity in their content. Using this app, you would get grade-level scores. It also highlights the areas where your content can improve. Some notable areas include adverbs, passive voice, phrases with simpler alternatives, and identifying difficult-to-read sentences.


It is probably one of the most commonly used readability checker tools. Grammarly is a cloud-based software and browser extension that helps you to identify various content issues like spelling, grammar, conciseness, and the tone of the sentence.


An AI-powered tool that you can use for spelling check, grammar, and readability. It has got some unique features that are designed to help you write easy-to-understand content. It provides you with suggestions along with a contextual thesaurus. ProWritingAid also comes up with 20 writing reports that can provide you with insights on many things, starting from cliches and overused words to sentence length and consistency.

LanguageTool Writing Assistant

Adding to the list, LanguageTool Writing Assistant is another one of the best readability checker tools used for proofreading, checking on grammar, and style of writing. This tool comes as a plugin, available online and as an application. It also provides you with suggestions that assist you in improving your writing pattern, and style and even reduces grammatical errors.

Ginger Writing Assistant

Last but not the least, Ginger Writing Assistant uses AI technology to find and correct mistakes you make while writing. Besides helping you improve the style of your copy, it provides context-based corrections. You can also use it for rephrasing alternatives along with synonyms not just for many single words but for phrases.