21+ Link Building Tools You Need In 2023 (Free & Paid)

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Dec 27, 2022  . 10 min read
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Link-building tools are considered the oxygen of the SEO world. Where there is a link, there is traffic on the website. An array of link-building tools have gone through hit-trail-error in the past few years but 2022 has seen some really agile and scalable link-building tools especially the best link-building tools for SEO have been sorted and filtered for your convenience. 

To reach maximum efficiency, we don't really need a huge array of link-building tools. A handful of it suffices if put to use strategically without the testing process being hefty on the wallet and tedious in general.

Let us explore some of the best link-building tools for SEO and their features shall be unraveled too along with fitting them into the link-building process for a smoother SEO experience on the website.

Even before getting into, how to check my links chrome extension or follow and nofollow chrome extensions; one must fathom the significance of anchor text and genres of backlinks to find the best possible link-building tool for SEO. 

What To Look For In The Best Link-Building Tools For SEO Streamlining?

  • You should be spared the manual tasks
  • The best Chrome extensions must go hand in hand with your chosen tools
  • Could ease your process of convincing a webmaster.

21+ Link-Building Tools To Ease Your SEO Journey 

SEMrush Backlink Gap Tool

Untapped link-building opportunities could be unraveled since this tool shall allow you to compare your own link profile with that of your competitor. Its 'find prospects' section shall help you get an insight into competitor link profiles so that you speculate and prepare well with a robust SEO game too.

  • Weak
  • Strong
  • Shared
  • Unique

These are the categories under which you could find your analysis in the section 'best tab'. This induces self-awareness since knowing where your link profile stands, gives you chances to customize and improve.

Google Search (Search Operators)

A regular search query can make the process of successful link building a piece of cake for you. A handy list of search operators on Google shall help find opportunities for link roundups, guest posts, resource pages, and so on and so forth.


When you have already aced the game of specific Google search operator usage, you might combine this tool to make your SEO traffic game stronger. Accumulation and compilation of potential URLs take time; no doubt. But this tool takes the manual hassle away so that you can invest your valuable time in reaching out to the prospects and persuading them to collaborate.

Google Alerts

Sounds, anything but clichéd, right? Yes, hardly do we think of Google alerts easing the link-building process for us. More than SEO chrome extension and SEO quake chrome extension, Google Alerts shall help you turn brand mentions into links every time someone takes your name online. The who, what and why of your competitor's name when mentioned is also alerted by Google Alerts.

If a keyword is the main SEO game, you must be alerted every single time your chosen keywords or related keywords are being mentioned online, that is exactly what Google Alerts would do.


This is one of the strongest and best link-building tools for SEO which also happens to have the world's largest backlink index. The perk is, ease of use for non-tech savvy people, the best feasible feature of the tool is the 'Link Intersect'. This feature lets you take a sneak peek into the names of sites linked to your competitors in the market but are not linked with your site yet. 

Besides the presence of the content explorer option, Ahrefs also improves your keyword search game. That being said, the tool also provides rank tracking and technical SEO site audit which are additional features apart from link building.


This tool is extremely user-friendly since the interface is anything but complicated with lucidly placed commands and tabs. Considering the link index, this tool is pocket friendly. If you are aware of how other sites are succeeding, you shall track, trace and follow their footsteps to reap results.

Linkody enables reverse engineering by enabling you to see and chalk out graphs of competition sites, links attached, and so on and so forth. The top pages section shall feature on-page-SEO, voice-search-SEO-study, google-ranking-factors, and so on.


Networking and connecting with more and more people has to be the link-building backbone and this link-building tool caters to blogger outreach with enough ease. Keyword-related and industry/domain-specific searches along with 'Metrics' have to be one's favorite features on this tool. This might be taken as one of the best link-building tools for SEO.


Link-building campaigns are important since they help in reaching out to the market giants and to the audience too. To scale up and compare your link-building campaign game, this could be your magic wand tool. Your email outreach could be strengthened with effective communication tracking across multiple projects simultaneously. BuzzStream is one of the best link-building tools for SEO.

One of its most liked features is custom fields. This helps you personalize and organize campaigns considering your relationship with a particular client in the market. The custom fields already present as templates on this tool are as follows:

  • Not yet researched
  • Prepped for outreach
  • Not started
  • Attempting to reach
  • In talks
  • Waiting for results
  • Agreed to link
  • Link accepted
  • Rejected

The easy-to-read commands make it friendly for non-technical users too. These custom fields on the tool help declutter the communication channel established. Data analysis for future use is aided too, hence it is one of the best link-building tools for SEO optimization.


Connecting with reporters and journalists has to be a significant part of the web traffic game that has to be smoothened by link-building online. A comprehensive database of journalists along with a safe source search feature lets you search source requests from HARO, Twitter, ProfNet, and so on.

Moz Link Explorer

If you’re looking for the best link-building tool that serves the purpose of reverse engineering your competitor's backlinks, Moz Link Explorer won’t disappoint you. Imagine if you get to scroll through and explore the backlinks of any URL of your choice, how much essential data could you accumulate and put to use for development, and research? That is exactly what this tool shall help you with. 

The anchor text analysis has to be the best feature available on this tool to harness all the comprehensive information about market competitors and flesh out a clear graph for ease.


Outreach has been made comparatively easy but you may wonder how is it any different from that of BuzzStream or GroupHigh. The only thing that makes the necessary difference is its gigantic database which literally consists of millions of influencers' information. If you would want to get granular with SEO dynamics this is your tool that could search results by page and domain authority and hence happens to be one of the best link-building tools for SEO.

The templates available on this webpage have to be everyone's favorite since they spare us the hassle and time and help us focus on sorting appropriate communication lines.

Link Prospector

This tool will help you save time and the link target score feature sorts and filters the LTS parameter to show you. your competitor URLs and their backlinks. The market prospects and dimensions are analyzed first and only then the competitor URL would pop up on the list. It saves precious time that you might have invested in market prospect research and is one of the best link-building tools for SEO.


BuzzSumo is another easy-going link-building platform and its content analyzer filters data that people would want to read. Its prediction skills based on data analysis can help improve your social media engagement campaigns. Its brand mentions section has to be its highlight.

Cognitive SEO

This tool helps identify unnatural links and hence decreases the chances of link-building loopholes in the process. Unnatural link detection and domain profile influence have to be two amazingly unique features you get with this tool.

SEMRush Link building tool

If you want to make launching and managing an outreach campaign easier, you need the SEMRush link-building tool. It allows you to look deeper into the quality of link-building opportunities. You can check its domain authority score and ratings. You can place your outreach strategy under a category of your choice. The SEMRush link-building tool makes it easier for you to discover fresh backlink opportunities.

SEMrush Brand Monitoring Tool

It may happen that your brand is mentioned online but still they aren’t linked. You can get it done by using SEMRush brand monitoring tool. It speeds up your PR efforts and helps you generate better results from the coverage. Using its filter option, you can check out a list of mentions that you can target.

Ubersuggest backlink analyzer

It’s a great tool for staying on top of your backlinking game. Once your website successfully reaches the first page of Google search results, keeping an account of your backlink profile becomes absolutely necessary. Using this tool, you can measure the strength of your website. You can also check the overall number of backlinks and no-follow links, and the number of referring domains. It allows you to do a lot more!

HARO Hunter

HARO is a great platform that brings top journalists and businesses together. If you successfully convince a few journalists why your business idea, expertise, etc. is of significant importance or something that they should really cover, it can help you get a great amount of coverage.

Check My Links

Need a tool that checks for broken links? Check My Links is an easy-to-use and powerful extension. It is really good at crawling web pages and digging out broken links. While using this extension, make sure that your own website is not linking out to dead pages.


This link-building tool is used for outlining nofollow links. It also helps you identify noindex and nofollow meta tags on web pages. So, you no more have to view the source code of a web page, thereby saving time and speeding up your link reporting.


It’s a great tool that gathers data from web pages and saves them in a spreadsheet. Scraper offers an efficient way to scrape Search Engine Result Pages to identify link opportunities.

Majestic SEO

In the online marketing landscape, Majestic SEO holds a big reputation. If you want to up your backlinking game, this tool can do all the work for you! The data it generates can keep you updated on the current position of your backlink profile.

Monitor Backlinks

This free backlink tool allows you to check your competitor’s good links. Monitor Backlinks has the ability to connect itself to your Google Analytics account. Now, this is helpful because you always get email alerts when you lose/gain backlinks.

To sum it up!

Deciding which link-building tool to invest in, needs tough and thorough market research, and only after comparing the features and the prices you must zero down your options. Things to keep at the back of your head while choosing the right SEO link-building tool for your business are your competition might outrank your search results at any given point hence stay updated with all tool features. Consider how new the link page has been and how difficult could it get to earn a link from that website; keeping in mind the harder the better.

Bonus: Infographic - Link Building Tools

Link building tools - Free and paid - TypeStack
Link building tools - Free and paid - TypeStack