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Branding on social media is becoming a competitive task. Thar’s were Instagram link shorteners or Facebook event link shorteners come to the rescue.

So, how do URL shorteners work? Is it complex to understand? Well, URL shorteners generate a key so the URLs won’t get repeated. Best URL shorteners take unorganized and unwieldy links and make them shorter, easy-to-read, and shareable links. Understanding how to shorten links with tools for free makes the process easier and faster for your business.

The URL shorteners make the URLs easy to memorize. You can use them on your business cards, flyers, brochures, ads, or any other marketing collateral to deliver a perceivable brand recall to your target audience.

These help you to customize and shorten the URLs for your business and do not come with a captcha so you get a good value on every click. In this guide, we will walk you through how to shorten links for free and also provide a list of URL shorteners.

Benefits of URL shorteners

Short URL is the most popular and effective type of link sharing since it allows you to share a single URL without having to deal with the additional social network mechanics. They also put your brand at the top of your visitors' minds, allowing you to establish a clear call to action as they scroll down their newsfeeds.

People choose the URL shortener to shorten links and create shareable URLs so they don’t have to type in long names and addresses. When you try to learn the core of how URL shorteners work, you will understand that they don't use any special programming language but simple HTTP codes in numbers.

Best free URL shorteners

Bitly is one of the popular and free URL shorteners. By signing up for bitly, you can create more than 2000 short links. You can customize the links with the suffixes or titles you want and create all new URLs as per your choice. In bitly, you can also view the reports and insights of the number of clicks, earnings, and shares in your tracking dashboard.

Shortening URLs in bitly is pretty simple, go to the create option, add the long URLs, change the titles, customize with suffixes, add tags (optional), and hit save. Bitly can also be used as an Instagram link shortener or Facebook link shortener.

TinyURL is an on-to-the-point URL shortener among the best free URL shorteners since it doesn't have any long complex steps involved.

The simplified interface of TinyURL makes it top on the list. It is handy as you need to paste a link, add suffix characters, and click enter. You can preview your shortened URL and see where it takes you in a few minutes.

TinyURL is a great bitly alternative and also works as an Instagram link shortener and Facebook event link shortener.

Another feature-packed free URL shortener that not only shortens URLs but also tracks the traffic. BL.INK's dashboard gives you thoughtful insights on analytics of URLs in custom-made ways. With these powerful features, you can shorten links for free and also get access to advanced features in its trial version.

It comes in the top three list and has proven to be a good bitly alternative that also works as an Instagram link shortener and Facebook event link shortener.

Top reasons to use URL shorteners

Limits the number of characters:

The best free URL shortener can help you spare the number of characters used in the content. URL shorteners work on shortcodes to avoid repetitive URLs and make the workflow seamless.

While sharing content or tweeting, saving the number of characters is essential. When you need to post your idea in less than 140 characters, sharing a long URL seems like an impossible task. Hence, URL shorteners become a great help.

Improves click-through-rate:

The best free URL shorteners work the same for different types like blog URLs, social media URLs, and more.

Shortening links work like a charm on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, social media managers consider Instagram link shorteners and Facebook event link shorteners as integral parts of the process. In such thriving times of social media, people only click the shortened, presentable links as a call to action.

Thus, shortened URLs improve the opportunities for your click-through rate. Typically, URL shortening is a simple tweak to your strategy that can change your click-through rate forever.

Gives access to track URL performance:

The best free URL shorteners are meant to shorten the link and also provide analytics and performance of the URL. They work on the script format, and whenever a URL is shortened, the script verifies the character limit and gives you a unique URL.

Every link shortened enables us to access the traffic, location and gives you more insights. A seamless tracking flow by a URL can help you build better audience insights and strategize effectively.

The benefits of using a URL shortener are numerous and by using the best free URL shortener, you will find effective results in no time. URL shorteners are easy to use and work effortlessly at your fingertips. The impressive ability of these shorteners is they keep a track of how many times a link has been shortened, especially if you’re tracking traffic for leads or your business.

Whether you want a higher click-through rate URL, share a presentable link, or use a URL shortener for Instagram and Facebook, there's a URL shortener out there for each of your needs. Also, you have loads of bitly alternatives available that can stand up to your expectations. They work in a do-not-repeat format and can be custom-made.

Other than just shortening a URL, the best free URL shorteners can also help you to increase conversions, work on easily understandable short codes, simplify your marketing efforts to drive more engagement, boost CTR and provide you with valuable customer buying personas.