7 Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins in 2023 To Speed Up Your Site

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Dec 27, 2022  . 10 min read
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Your website is your 24x7 sales machine, and therefore it should be optimized to load faster. The time a visitor spends exploring a website is directly proportional to the possibilities of conversion. To make your website visually appealing images are added. But higher quality images can lower the speed and performance of the website. This is where the best wordpress image compression plugin can help you out. Your website ought to shine with thoughtful and creative images. That is how you rank and succeed.

How WordPress Image Compression Plugins Are Useful?

Now, while you are diving deeper. Compressing images individually can get exhausting. This article brings you the best WordPress image compression plugins to compress images on the go. WordPress Plugins are the easiest way to streamline the optimization process and deliver the outcome faster while keeping images looking as sharp and clear as the original ones after the compression.

List of Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins 2023

We have come up with 7 highly recommended plugins for the best image optimization. These solutions work like a charm all the time.

1. Smush

The key factor:

The most awarded and popular plugins in the world of image optimization. This terrific tool gives you full control over image quality, resolution, and compression. It can reduce longer buffering and lazy page loading.

User experience:

The best WordPress image compression plugins are all about the interface. The attractive interface of smush delivers a great user experience. It can configure all the starter settings right from the beginning. Smush is commendable in giving insightful data. It provides the user with all the image-based information for effective usage.


Installing smush's plugin is the easiest. After the installation, any images you upload, new or existing, will be optimized in a jiffy. Smush allows you to optimize bulk images for 5 or fewer MB in one go. The best part is it can optimize 50 images at once. It has an automated resizing and gives the option to have a backup for images. That’s what makes it the best WordPress image compression plugin of today’s times.


With Smush's free version you can optimize unlimited images. But the free version has image size limitations. The pro version is under 1 MB. Additionally, you will get 24x7 website support and an upgraded version of the tool. The premium version cost around $6 with great features and benefits.

2. Optimole

The key factor:

Optimole plugin manages, optimizes, and compresses the image up to 80% while making it look as great as the original one. Optimole's processes and stores images in the cloud without crashing the server. You can track specified details on the image compression and it's absolutely free! If you’re looking for one of the best WordPress image compression plugins that offer most of the key features for free, Optimole is one of them.

User experience:

A simple sign-up will take you on the journey of compressing countless images. Users love this plugin making it the best WordPress image compression plugin. Optimole's own dashboard will help you find the reports of resizes, compressions, and monthly reports.

Technicalities/ Features:

It does automatic image optimization while reducing the lazy loading time to display images. You can watermark your images ensuring restriction over the stealing of images. You can customize the integration of optimal and WordPress to get things done your way.


The free version allows more than 5k visitors and it is a great fit to get traffic for bloggers on WordPress. The paid version comes in 3 plans.

With 22$, which allows 25k monthly visits, you get unmetered bandwidth and 12 hours of customer support. The other one is 46$, which allows 100k visitor volume with the same additional features. If you’re in need of one of the best WordPress image compression plugins that come under 20$, give this one a try.

3. Short Pixel

The key factor:

Short pixel offers optimization through APIs or the cloud. It reduces the effort of the user by adding more options and features to their services. Short pixel's 3 different types of compression models are- Lossy, Glossy, and Lossless compression.

User experience:

Short pixel has an insightful dashboard. These simple buttons help the user to choose the image type, size, and backup. This analytical dashboard eases the image compression process for the user.


Shortpixel optimizes images from CDN for effective and faster results. The images are automatically processed. You can also optimize your website history by configuring Shortpixel and compressing the older images. Being one of the best wordpress image compression plugins, it can work over various formats like PNG conversions, PDF compressions, Retina images optimization, and thumbnail optimization.


The free plan optimized 100 images per month. The lowest paid version costs 4$ for 7000 images a month. The highest paid version costs 1000$ for 16m+ images a month. Their most popular plan costs 8$ with 16000 images a month.
They also have one-time credits for one-time use.

4. Imagify

The key factor:

Imagify is an image optimization tool powered by the WP rocket plugin. It enables the user to optimize bulk images with an advanced algorithm. You can contact imagify via different support systems like the contact form, website, or imagify’s setting page.

User experience:
The ingenious design makes imagify easy to use. The smooth interface almost makes you feel like you are playing a game. To start using imagify, you have to configure the setting and then you can enable or disable the compression options.

Imagify optimizes and compresses the images in just one click. You can optimize images over any technology you use. Monitor the before and after compression statistics and keep a track of your gains. Imagify has 3 levels of compression: normal, aggressive, and ultra. Choose the best level for your image and get the ultimate outcome.

The starter plan, which is for free, optimizes up to 20 MB in size and that is 200 images in a month. Whereas there are two paid plans; one is the growth plan costing $5 that optimizes up to 5,000 images. The infinite plan costs $10 and optimizes unlimited images in a month.

5. EWWW image optimizer

The key factor:

You can have a free trial before installing the EWWW and experience it for free. Ewww helps the user to save bandwidth and overcomes website performance woes faster.

User Experience:

Ewww’s single-page interface is designed for the user’s convenience. Optimize, compress, manage, track and improve at once. This single page avoids confusion and keeps every activity in sync. You can compress the images without API acquisition, and this makes the interface clearer and easier to understand than the competition.


Ewww image optimization tool comes from the original Ewww plugin. You can optimize images over the web server or use a compress API. Besides, you can also use Ewww’s easy IO CDN to compress and optimize. Use it yourself and experience how the best WordPress image compression plugins can work for you.

Ewww’s plugin allows you to optimize images in Amazon S3 with integration capabilities. Its swift performance includes optimization of JS/CSS. You can disable the unused ones too. Also, you can optimize the Google fonts, CDN. Ewww can optimize images without having any dependabilities on WordPress's settings, which makes it highly reliable and supportive.

To get started, Ewww offers easy and ludicrous modes. The easy mode has enhanced compression features and Ludicrous converts, resizes, and boosts performance.


Ewww provides a free trial version. It offers 3 plans, one costs $7 for 1 site and 200 GB bandwidth. The second one costs $15 for 10 sites and 400 GB bandwidth. The last plan costs $25 for unlimited sites and 800 GB bandwidth. You can choose any plan’s free trial and experience Ewww for free.

6. Tiny PNG

The key factor:

This cute panda mascot image optimization tool promotes 100% image transparency and contact support. It uses less bandwidth and fastens the loading time. Image compression plugins allow the image to look the same as the original one with a dynamic change in the image size after the image compression.

User experience:

Tiny PNG is a beginner-friendly image optimization tool. It won’t take too long to understand Tiny PNG as this tool’s interface is engaging and easily adaptable. A clean page with basic yet important data eases the optimization process for you to get started immediately. A convenient signing-up process and recommended settings right on the page are all you need to kickstart image optimization.


Tiny PNG compresses, resizes, and optimizes the images on the go. It reduces load time, saves bandwidth, and makes websites run faster. You can compress JPEG and PNG via photoshop. Export PNG files and upload them to Tiny PNG or simply install the Tiny PNG photoshop plugin. Boom! You got all the files freshly compressed right from photoshop. The best WordPress image compression plugin has it all figured out for you just like TinyPNG. You can also compress animated PNG and get our assistance too.


You can compress up to 20 images for free with a maximum size of 5MB. To compress more, you need to upgrade the plan. TinyPNG has one pro plan that costs $39 a year. This plan offers unlimited usage. Upgrade the image size limit up to 75 MB. Get insightful data and statistics to analyze better.

7. Kraken

The key factor:

An image optimization tool shrinks the images to the maximum while keeping the images looking visually alluring.

The precision of Kraken makes it one of the best WordPress image compression plugins. A quality-over-quantity delivering tool with automated optimization allows you to optimize images without causing any disturbance to the visual detail of the image.

User experience:

A simple yet powerful interface where you can paste a list of image URLs. Kraken will download, optimize and deliver it right back to you a ZIP file of the images. This ZIP file of optimized images feature has made Kraken quite popular among users. With 20K+ downloads Kraken becomes a reliable app among users.


Paste image URLs into the page cruncher or place them into a folder form. Kraken will find them, optimize and send you back a ZIP file. Lossy image optimization to reduce the weight of the image upto 80-90% with little compression.

You can measure the stats to improve and get quicker support to resolve issues. Taking care of everything about optimization for you and simplifying it to a whole new level.


Kraken has a bunch of plans for different business sizes. The wide range of plans including a micro plan that costs $5 for 500 MB of images for small businesses. The enterprise plan costs $79 for 60 GB for mid-level or bigger businesses.

Putting all together

Images undoubtedly enhance the beauty of the website. But larger images slow down the website and performance. Optimizing website images is the crucial way to avoid website performance hassles. Choose the best WordPress image compression plugin. Keep your website fly on the go. The image optimization doesn’t have to be complicated to get done with. WordPress image compression plugins are a great source to optimize image files in a snap of time without any overwork.

Have you heard of a tool that can give you optimized images without any compression plugin? If not, then don’t look further because TypeStack is your stop. With it, you get lossless image compression on the fly.