7 Best Podcasting Plugins for WordPress in 2022

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Let's not deny the very fact that Podcasting is 'in' and can help you boost your website traffic on any given browser. Podcasts have made a power-packed comeback among baby boomers, millennials, and Gen Z as well. Here we will explore some of the best WordPress Podcast plugins to help you reach your target audience. Once you understand the expectations of your audience, choosing the best suited WordPress plugin for your blog becomes easier. 

7 Best Podcasting Plugins for WordPress in 2022:

Attaching Podcasts to your blog can help you grow your reader base and will eventually increase your subscribers. Choosing the right tool before investing a penny requires a lot of comparison, analysis, studying features offered by the tools, prices etc. Let us sort and filter a bunch of such podcast plugins for WordPress that have been doing the rounds successfully in 2022, so that we can have a look at the pros and cons and decide on whether the tool would be an investment or an expenditure.

Seriously Simple Podcasting  

The ease of publishing and managing podcasts on the webpage is the real catch here. The interface and features are absolutely lucid for beginners. What makes it difficult for freshers is to outsource providers and then align them all together in a matrix but this tool allows working with any provider of your choice at any given point of time by supporting a highly configurable RSS feed that could adapt to all major podcast software subscriptions. Beginners often find it hard to maneuver their way through syndicating their podcast shows on platforms but this tool makes it easy to compare and publish. The best part is, this plugin is absolutely free of cost.

  • Brownie points – in-depth podcast episode analysis, episode transcriptions, free add-on analytics, allows an array of RSS feeds to operate, and embedding a podcast player on the website becomes almost a piece of cake.

PowerPress Podcasting Plugin by Blubrry

It takes a long time to explore the WordPress dashboard from within hence this tool is the go-to for accessing an array of podcast publishing and management tools. To avail of some advanced features, you have to pay a minimal cost but many basic features are covered in the free version. This tool makes embedding podcasts to the right distributors convenient with SEO-friendly simple, and advanced plugin options. If you are eager to convert your website visitors into podcast subscribers, this plugin for WordPress is highly recommended.

  • Brownie points- Gives freshers a knowledge and learning-oriented approach towards blogging, professionals also have access to a wide range of advanced features.

PodLove Podcast Publisher

Have you ever heard of ' By the Podcasters for the Podcasters'! Yes, you heard it right. This has been a better alternative to even many paid podcast plugin platforms since Podcasters have created this platform to embed podcasts with any provider and any host without any limitations whatsoever. Customizing different RSS feeds to fit an array of audience formats is the key feature of this platform. PodLove is more of a Do-It-Yourself solution compared to many other tools in the same sphere. Paying for the PodLove supporter team should not be a waste of money indeed. The only possible con is the requirement of basic coding knowledge if you wish to avail the customization options on the platform.

  • Brownie points - RSS feeds are tailored to fit into different audience categories, extremely customization friendly for professionals and experienced people in the trade. Compatibility across many podcast hosts and bundled web players allowing multiple formats are notable features.


Not many people are really handy with Podcast distribution, promotion and networking with the right set of audiences across the right platforms. This podcast plugin for WordPress helps you focus on the creation of content and not get distracted by marketing strategy or market competition graphs. Buzzsprout makes sure you simply upload your audio file and build your career without having to even think about the podcast publishing game and podcast attachment management. Buzzsprout feeds are compatible with famous directories such as Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, and so on. Buzzsprout could actually be called an all-in-one premium Podcasting solution in the literal sense. Apart from the free plan, Buzzsprout offers 3 more paid subscription plans which are worth a try.

  • Brownie points- Learn from real podcasters since their experiences and values are all shared in the platform library, View analysis and metrics of your show, and avail amazing customer support as well.


This platform is very sophisticatedly configured and well planned to support professional podcasters to communicate better with their audiences and build their personal brand. Mobile-friendly, sharable and customizable podcasts can be plugged in allowing listeners to choose from a variety of playing speeds. If you already have a wide reach and have considerable experience, you might be least bothered about hosting or managing your podcast content, but what Fusebox could help you with is levelling up your game with multiple customization options and advanced features.

  • Brownie points- seamless integration with email marketing tools, and built-in lead generation tools.

Simple Podcast Press

Podcasting could not get simpler with this platform. All you need to do is upload your iTunes URL and you are done for good! Every time you create and publish a new podcast a new page will automatically be created by this platform. Complete descriptions and images are taken from RSS feeds. The only con is; that this podcast plugin for WordPress is best for people who already have a few published episodes since its features do not support publishing, managing or hosting fresh podcast episodes.

  • Brownie points- customizable CTA, auto-generation of new pages, marketing tools such as email-opt-in, etc.

Podcast player

You can customize your display by Podcast player short codes or choose from some pre-designed templates, episode list, episode grid layout, unified player, bottom sticky player, and so on and so forth. This tool has a minimalistic approach with an elegant design.

  • Brownie points- A single player displays your catalog per se, a highly responsive and mobile-friendly player, free of cost.

Podcasting is an engaging way of informing and educating people hence, here were some of the most sought-after and best podcast plugins for WordPress in the 2022 market. Make sure you do align your requirements with your budget and vision to choose the best platform for yourself.