Blog Posts Checklist

Team TypeStack
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Dec 02, 2022  . 1 min read

Create blog posts that bloom businesses!

Blog posts are the way through which businesses interact with their audience. Not only it helps in creating strong relationships with customers, but it also improves brand identity.

Use this checklist to make sure your blog post is on point!


  • Write with a clear purpose
    • Before you even start writing, create a list of blog post ideas with a clear purpose in mind.
  • Make an outline
    Create an outline for each blog post because it helps you stay on track.
  • Perform SEO research
    There are a variety of keyword research tools to use to gain deep insights into the terms you’re trying to rank for.
  • Create an attractive title
    While writing an attractive title, make sure your title is enticing, descriptive, and incorporates a keyword.
  • Give credit to the source
    Always give credit to your source, whether a quote, a news scoop, or an image.
  • Provide internal links
    Linking to your other blog posts is vital. This way, it provides value to the user and gives them more content to consume.
  • Pass the 300-word mark
    Search engines usually rank posts with a word count of 300 or higher.
  • Break long posts into sections
    Adding sections within your blog gives your text room to breathe and is more accessible to your readers.
  • Use smaller paragraphs
    Apart from sections, the appeal of your blog posts automatically gets increased by writing in smaller paragraphs.
  • Use bullet points and lists
    Bullet points and lists are great for SEO, considering they increase your chances of getting a featured snippet on Google.
  • Get to the point
    While you should include context that provides value and helps you get to your point, adding fluff is a bore.
  • Add a CTA at the end
    Encourage your readers to move through the sales funnel by adding a CTA (call to action) at the bottom of your blog.
  • Optimize your images
    Your work doesn't end by simply plopping in some photos. Consider these couple of image optimization tips: Resize your photos, so they load fast on your blog Add your keywords to the title of the photo Add alt-text to the image
  • Avoid using complex words
    Avoid using overly complex words. Instead, use language that is easy to understand for any audience.
  • Write your introduction last
    Going through the writing process beforehand can help you introduce your ideas to reflect the post's content better.
  • Proofread
    Proofreading is an essential part of the blogging process that should be done often.
  • Categorize and tag your post
    You should always tag or categorize your blog, if not both. This is an easy way to keep track of the content type you’re producing and also makes it easier for readers to find similar content.
  • Again, proofread
    Proofreading again is an excellent opportunity to ensure that your headings are in order and to confirm you added alt text to your images.