How To Build Links With Content Marketing?

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Content marketing and link-building are the key aspects of today’s digital marketing strategies. In this blog, we shall unravel and delve into how great content will help you with link-building. Link building with content isn’t a piece of cake especially when one faces the question, 'how to build backlinks?'. 

Content link building has to do a lot with finding what exactly works for you rather than blindly following competitor sites or rare success stories from the content marketing niche. Creating content that is catchy, valuable, crisp, and relevant is of utmost importance. What else matters is having a strong content marketing strategy in place.

Essentials to link building and successful content marketing

Be clear in your head as to what exactly you want to communicate and if you are convinced enough with your own content. Your entire effort should focus on SEO practices, SEO tips and techniques, and higher Google rankings. Hunting pages down that are most sought and searched is another part of a successful link-building strategy.

Comparing similarities and dissimilarities between your website and the competitor website's reach, links are important so that you understand where exactly you stand in the process of link building and content marketing.

You can trace and track widely shared content through tools like BuzzSumo; or go manual if you wish to. BuzzSumo and other such tools can analyze and optimize the content for you hence, much of your time and effort is saved already. Selecting a content format beforehand is something most people skip and regret later, so you better choose the format and chalk out the dynamics.

What content formats can be used for building links? Some commonly etched-out content formats are:

  • Case studies
  • eBooks
  • Infographics and visual assets
  • PR surveys (roundups)
  • Blogs (listicles, how-to blogs, etc)
  • Definitive guides
  • Product reviews
  • Encyclopedia

How long the content should be?

Length of content i.e., the word count has almost always been a point of fuss. Long content has been ranking more on google but let us not add fluff just for the sake of it. To be specific and crisp is the intent behind content creation and content marketing. This is how great content will help you with link building.

If you are considering your content marketing budget to be good enough, collaborating on content campaigns should be a rational idea. Inviting guest posting has always been a great way to generate backlinks. This provides a fresh perspective. No matter what your budget is, guest posting is affordable and feasible enough.

PR has to be the 'go-to' idea when your budget allows you to do so. What better than landing news coverage? But even PR networking would require consistency; hence, make sure that regular columns are being maintained. Publishing interviews is definitely a hack to draw attention and turn heads, but make sure your press release columns are short and crisp. Whitepapers and research papers have been traditional methods to make your content work.

General misconceptions around link building through content marketing

  • Simple blog posts are often considered enough for content marketing. But, that might not be enough! Communicating your message through your content is vital along with drawing in the audience. Another misconception around content marketing for link building is that ‘all content works for all audience sets'. It’s important that you understand your target audience and their expectations before churning out the content.
  • You might often feel like following and implementing the SEO strategies of successful competitor websites. Remember, the strategies can differ from one business domain to another as there are many factors involved, such as demographics, customer buying behavior, etc. 
  • Content should be created according to what is in the trend. However, the content must stay relevant for a long time and deliver some real value to your audience. 

How to increase your chances of organic link-building via content marketing?

Even before knowing how to build backlinks, you must know content link building. Accessing your niche, visiting other websites in that domain and guest posting there shall definitely work for you. Hence investing a lot of time in guest writing on other websites shall be anything but a waste of time. Content that is persuasive enough has to be written but even before that what you need to do is convince the websites to collaborate and get your content published. Let your pitching game be top-notch!

Do not forget to keep your content relevant to the niche and to the audience's expectations too. Infographics must be a simple and engaging way to build links through well-researched content.

Quick tips on how to build links with content marketing

For link-building through content marketing, one must keep a few things in mind:

  • Keep your URLs neat and short
  • Use link shortener tools if needed 
  • Branding is crucial, and therefore make sure to invest time, efforts, and finances wisely to build a personal brand to stay in the game for a longer period of time. 
  • Do interlink your posts to retain your readers on the website. The content must end with an interesting hook to the next blog post. This shall keep the readers hooked to the series of blogs, thereby improving customer retention rate. 
  • Make sure you are aware of the operation of search engine crawlers
  • Do not hesitate to mention other quality websites (even if they are your competitors) in your content, this is precisely what you should do to retain the credibility of the piece of content
  • Stop working for bulk and quantity; instead, invest in the quality of the content. 

Data-driven studies must be the core of your link-building content marketing process. Let your content have expert contributions as a highlights section. Make sure the experts you are reaching out to are specialized in their field. Avoid contacting random journalists who simply claim to 'know their domains'. You can also cover events and write about them. In the end, you need to analyze which tactic is going to be the best fit for your web pages and which aligns well with your vision.

Great content can help you with link building!

First thing first; remember, content that is visually appealing is going to attract an audience. Engaging infographics is the hack here. You are the one who would come to the rescue since your goal and instinct will help shape your desired content and hence move forward towards successful link building.

When you generate content, make sure keywords are used tactically and not in bulk anywhere in the content (which makes no sense). Real-life examples must be included and actionable content is a must-have. Your content should easy enough so that the audience does not have check out any other page.

Sometimes less is more, avoid complicated jargon in your content. Also, instead of writing long paragraphs, break your content into small sections. Adding modifiers to the content titles should work too. Make sure you promote your content as much as you can. This shall lead to successful content marketing and a strong foot foundation to link building your website.