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Content marketing- we hear this term a lot, especially in the digital marketing space. If you search for “tips for content marketing” on Google, you will be left overwhelmed by the amount of information available. After all, the power of content marketing can bring your brand to the forefront. A successful content marketing strategy tops the blog ranking, engages the audience with social media posts, sets a trend or hashtag, builds successful brands, and much more.

Staying updated on content marketing tips is crucial

Digital marketers are highly dependent on content marketing to build a solid online presence for a business. But some strategies get old over time and we need to look for new ones. Besides, doing everything right in content marketing, digital marketers are still struggling to make a way online and are tired of average-performing content.

This new world demands new methods, new strategies, new creations, new interests, and everything new. As digital marketers, we need to understand this and optimize content marketing for businesses accordingly.

Content marketing’s saturation is for real. This is a cut-throat race, the competition is ready to eat you up. You can only survive if you stay updated and consistent with content marketing. Study the market, see what’s working, write what readers love, and read out this article to be on top of your content marketing game.

"“Content is king. But people only talk only about well-known kings! Make your content the talk of the town and drive insane traffic.”

Content marketing tips that will make your content go viral

Put yourself into the reader’s shoes.

You need a list of a defined audience for your content and know who you are writing for.

If you are writing to attract founders of the technology industry, it only has to be about the founders. Not the other designation or industries.

You can’t merge the content and try to tell everything to everybody; after all, ‘everybody’ cannot be your audience. They are a bunch of people who are going to be interested in working with you.

Get a written list of your customer's pain points, thought processes, feelings, social circles, and platforms they spend time on.

Then analyze:

  • What do your readers want to read?
  • Why are they not getting what they want?
  • Why is there a gap between creating content and the wants of the audience?

Make an avatar and it's your target audience now. Make sure the content you write falls into the understanding level of your target audience with clarity and thoughtfulness.

Ask yourself WHATs, WHYs, and HOWs

A good content writer delivers what he/she wants his audience to read. But a great content writer delivers what the audience wants. Become the second one. The audience today is surrounded by content from everywhere. They consume content, know what they want, and have clarity. But, they look for content that provides them with clear solutions; this is how you help your audience through your content.

While writing, keep asking yourself “WHATs, WHYs, and HOWs?

  • What is the goal behind writing this?
  • What problems are you solving?
  • What important issues are you addressing?
  • Why are you writing this?
  • Why is this helpful for my audience?
  • Why are they going to read it?
  • How can I simplify it?
  • How can I make it clear with fewer words?
  • How to make a reader make it to the end?

Instead of making good content, make it engaging!

Work on your headlines

Reader’s attention spans are less; until and unless a headline doesn’t trigger a reader’s mind, they won’t click it. If you want your content to be read, go the extra mile while creating headlines. Great headlines drive more engagement, and interactions and boost clicks.

  • Show them how you can deliver value through your content quickly.
  • Show how your content can help them save money.
  • Show them what they are missing.

To generate more business make your headlines clickable and content valuable. Second, create a persuasive end with a clear CTA. Create the middle body last. That is how it is done. Implement it and see the insane result yourself.

Don’t generalize but specify

Specify everything you write. If you are showing a percentage, number, or a stat report be specific with it. It drives attention and trust.

For example: Rather than saying “Using this strategy our web traffic increased up to 10%” you can say “This strategy has increased our website traffic by 9.7%”. This hack triggers and creates an impact.

Fair enough, right?

We all need clarity to think clearly. Your specification gives the reader an idea of how much value (number) you can bring into their lives. This clarity creates transparency in the reader’s mind and increases the possibility of a conversion.

Triggering the right emotions with accurate numbers always works. Hack your way into your reader’s mind and have them on board with a little specification.

An unbeatable keyword research

Your keywords are gems. Content marketers always count on their keywords to generate traffic in huge numbers. You can never go wrong when you are backed by solid keyword research. You are not throwing darts in the dark anymore.

How to do keyword research?

  • Identify topics that your audience finds useful and create content around them.
  • Likewise, find out topics that haven’t been covered by your competitors and create content around it.
  • Add keywords to the URL.
  • Target and prioritize the most valuable and highly paid keyword.
  • Make a keyword analysis and find more keyword opportunities.
  • Find out a scope to add the keywords to your PPC campaigns.

Make use of Social Media

We all know social media is used by billions. Promoting articles and blogs can level up the graph of your traffic. Once you are done with your content, choose a platform and promote it.

  • If you are writing for corporate, jobs, or founders, use LinkedIn. Add the blog link, write a compelling caption and add 3 hashtags.
  • If your blog is talking about crypto, startups, or Web3, Twitter is best for you. Tweet about it.

Studies show, that using social platforms to promote blogs can increase organic traffic by up to 49.8%

Optimize Content

Re-analyze and run an audit of the content already published. See, what worked in the past and find out the posts that got the most numbers.

Relate that content with the following questions.

  • Why did it go viral?
  • Was it the timing of the post?
  • Do the hashtags work?
  • What content format worked?
  • What kind of engagement did you get on the post?

Try doing more of that and leverage content marketing.

Create video content

Videos do well online as they are personal, generate trust in viewers, and are interactive. 58% of videos do better online than posts and other content formats in content marketing.

Videos are a great way of starting a conversation, interacting, and building a community. Great videos impact people and the more people you network with, the more you can close.

Write emails to convert

Digital marketing helps us to get customers. But, writing personalized mail to customers helps us retain them! Write to your customers and keep the emails highly personalized. You can:

  • Tell them a story.
  • Send a case study.
  • Inform them about your new update.
  • Keep it genuinely personal.

Link your social profiles to the mail. It is a great way to make them visit and check your account.

Practice storytelling

Stories easily capture people’s attention. Do it often for your content marketing. Tell stories that are worth telling. Garyvee is an inspiring example of it. He has the most honest and authentic stories to tell.

He keeps his viewers hooked throughout the story and makes sure that the viewers share an insight or a thought in the comments. Make your story a hero!

Make your CTAs actionable

CTAs are not supposed to be bland; make them impactful, actionable, and persuasive. Whenever a reader comes to the end of a blog, they should have a belief that you can deliver the best solution to their problem.

But if you don’t tell them what action they need to take, they will never know what to do next. Create a persuasive CTA and create steps for customers to reach their solution.

Repurpose content

Remember the content you posted long back? Get back to it!

A limited number of people have seen it. Make more people see your content by repurposing it. Repost that story or post, the highlights of the blog, the video, etc. Curating and distributing content again will help you save time and gain results too.

Track, Track, and Track!

Connect your CMS to Google analytics. Analyze, track, and monitor the KPIs, keyword analysis, content strategy, content formats, and target audience to make better content.

Google Analytics helps you track every necessary KPI, thus making tracking easier. This will improve your creative process and optimize content marketing.

Final thoughts to share

Content marketing if done right can be fruitful. Content marketing best practices teach us to market the ideal content to the best-suited audience. Marketing is all about the people. Regardless of the content you make, if you don’t have enough people to talk about it, it is of no use. Leverage the content marketing tips we shared in this blog, optimize your content accordingly, and see it doing wonders!