10 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022 & Beyond

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Nov 22, 2022  . 8 min read
Content marketing trends to watch in 2022 & beyond - TypeStack
Content marketing trends to watch in 2022 & beyond - TypeStack
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Content may have sounded like a buzzword back when it was gaining a lot of traction (sometime around 2012), but the scenario has changed now. Considering the massive growth in social media platforms, every brand has started focusing on improving its brand presence on its social media handles for an omnichannel approach.

Coming to 2022, content marketing has become a very important part of digital marketing strategies due to the various advantages it brings to the table. And make no mistake, content marketing is not restricted to written content posted on the website only, there is a diversity in the strategy now.

Content marketing trends for 2022 include different forms and platforms for the content, which include

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Whitepapers
  • Pictures/infographics

Now, posting all of such content forms on various platforms and handles in a systematic way is what brands strive to achieve. After all, having content in bulk and not knowing how to use it effectively is inadequate marketing practice.

So, to avoid such a scenario, let’s start talking about the top content marketing trends and strategies that you should look out for in 2022.

1. Visual Story-telling

Storytelling has come a long way. From writing long paragraphs to polishing them to a crisp 2-liner copy, shouting the brand voice out took a sophisticated turn. However, things are set to change in this aspect too.

The average attention span for humans has never been lower. Forget reading newspapers early in the morning; people skip reading headlines on their smartphones if they are too long. Then how are brands supposed to ‘spread the word’.

Simple! You break your story down into byte-sized pieces and then transform it into a form that appeals to the audience. People no longer watch 15-minute launch videos of any products on YouTube, instead they prefer watching a 12-second commercial on the same. That’s where visual storytelling comes into the picture.

Short videos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok are the most consumed. That's where the focus is shifting to, and the effectiveness has been evident too. According to a report on Hubspot, 67% of marketers say that sharing visual content on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, generates the highest ROI.

2. Content Marketing for Customer Retention

The digital shift has brought about great changes in the way brands lay out their marketing strategies. It is important to know that retaining customers is easier and more economical than acquiring new ones.

As a result, brands have started focusing on retaining customers just as much as acquiring new ones, if not more. This means the creation of content on every platform is driven by one goal, targeting existing customers. Let’s break down the customer retention strategy with content marketing.

  • Offer value for money for existing customers
  • Encourage them to recommend your brand
  • Drive them to change their future buying decision in your favor
  • Bring out their emotional connection with the brand

3. Popularity of Podcast

Podcasts have become an important inclusion in every brand's promotion endeavors and one of the most interesting content marketing trends to look out for. Irrespective of the business line for the brand, optimizing reach with podcasts is an effective strategy.

In 2022, brands have started using podcasts on multiple platforms to ensure optimum reach, like

  • YouTube
  • Audio/music apps
  • Website
  • Third-party platforms

Podcasts are easier to digest for people compared to written content. So, the struggle here is with its reach and penetration. As of 2021, Podcast Insights estimates that there are around two million podcasts and over 48 million episodes. Now that number is encouraging.

4. Content Marketing through Documentation

Among the most important content marketing trends to look out for is documentation. Most brands (count majority), did not document their content marketing strategies, create a positioning and value proposition, and plan of action. As per data shared by Content Marketing Institute, around 41% of marketers lack proper documentation on their strategy.

However, this practice has been growing over 2020 and 2021, and by 2022 we will see a huge number of brands start focusing on documenting their market positioning and planning their strategy accordingly.

The need to have a documented brand position, value proposition, and strategy has started becoming important in achieving the desired goals through content marketing in 2022.

5. Focus on Search Engine Optimization

High-quality SEO will be one of the most impactful content marketing trends in 2022. You see, the search intent for a majority of people using the internet is satiated at the very first SERP, and barely anyone skips over to ‘Page 2’. This has put an even bigger emphasis on mastering content marketing with SEO.

Even as per the newest updates from Google on its page ranking, the search engine focuses on content as a crucial parameter to decide credibility. UX, reader-friendliness, low bounce rate, etc., can all be enhanced with the best content marketing tips. Plus, adding a channel for your podcast on the website gives you an extra source of traffic that promises a low bounce rate, a win-win for brands.

6. Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

A lot of marketing endeavors come under the purview of content marketing. Sending out promotional emails, WhatsApp texts, creating chatbots on the website, etc., should be a part of your content marketing strategies.

All of these channels of promotion will make use of artificial intelligence to extract better results for marketing practices. For example, AI chatbots will be able to drive visitor interest through search trends and recent activities on the website and tune its approach in that way. The same with WhatsApp chatbots as well.

7. Voice Search

Voice search is everywhere, from kids dictating the topic of their search on YouTube to adults searching for their favorite shoe brand on Google. And while brands may have optimized their website to hand on the top 5 search results, voice-based query input works in a slightly different way.

Google predicts search terms while the user types. As a result, a huge number of searches are made not based on what the searchers intend but on what Google suggests. However, voice searches work differently. In most cases, users don’t click on search suggestions while speaking out their queries. Plus, there is a difference in the search term used to type and voice-search on Google.

Optimizing the brand platform for voice search is one of the significant content marketing trends to look out for in 2022.

8. Specialized Content

Your content marketing strategy should be a document that you can regularly refer to and adjust and make changes to whenever needed. You should focus on creating something that speaks to your target audience. This document will help you adapt to change and create content that will reach your target audience easily with information relevant to them.

Creating engaging and informative content will help you develop a brand that people want to engage with regularly and repeatedly. The key is to understand what your audience is looking for and create unique, easy to consume content. This will help to gain the trust of your audience who will in turn become ambassadors for you and help in growing your brand.

9. Individualization

Invest time and energy in learning and understanding your target audience. This will help you create content catered to their specific needs. Use this data-driven method to develop content that will attract your target audience and take them through the buying stage.

Creating tailored content to meet your target audiences' needs will give you a competitive advantage over other companies that just focus on creating content for the sake of numbers.

10. Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-based marketing or ABM is the latest trend in the world of marketing. It is growing to become a go to B2B content marketing strategy. A report published by SiriusDecisions stated that 72% of B2B marketers are now using ABM programs.

Account-based marketing focuses on marketing to key accounts within the business’s target audience, instead of marketing to a larger audience, account-based marketers target specific accounts with personalized campaigns.

These campaigns lay emphasis on quality over quantity and focus on winning over business accounts by building lasting relations with key stakeholders.

In Conclusion

The digital space is dynamic and ever-evolving. The most effective tactic to enhance brand exposure in the current year might become obsolete in the next. So, being updated with the latest content marketing trends is indispensable.

Needless to say, everything that we have mentioned here has a lot to do with artificial intelligence, changing search intent and behavior, and new technologies being imbibed in the industry. So, keep following this space to be updated with effective content marketing tips for 2022.