How To Create Content That's “Better” Than Your Competitors

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Dec 01, 2022  . 4 min read
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When we create content, we basically focus on two things. It should help us engage our target audience and turn them into leads. Everyone says that you have to create content better than what your competitors are churning out. Quality content leads to more backlinks, improved ranking, social engagement, and audience growth. But how to create better content? In this question, the term better content can be subjective. What is better for you might be just regular quality. In this blog, we will focus on the process of creating content that is actually better than your competitors. 

How to measure the quality of your content?

While there's no specific method to objectively assess content quality, there are four aspects you can look at. To measure your competitors' content, in this blog post we'll discuss these four aspects that make content great. First of all, opinions hold no weight when it comes to categorizing content on the basis of quality. That’s why we need a framework to compare content objectively. 

#1 Content clarity 

When we talk about content clarity, we mean the points you mention in your content is clear enough to understand for your target audience. The format and the readability of your content are the two things that define your content clarity. If you are writing about complex concepts, you really need to break them down. 

#2 Content depth

Besides making your content easy to understand, you also need to ensure that you dive deep into your topic. You should answer all the key questions a visitor might have. However, also keep in mind that diving too deep shouldn’t affect the clarity of your content. 

#3 Usefulness of your content

Your content becomes useful only when you solve the visitor’s reason for visiting your website. To understand what visitors want, you can Google search your topic and look at the top three to five search results.  

#4 Expertise and creativity 

To make your content shine, you need to work on its presentation. When it comes to websites, most visitors judge the content quality based on first impressions. For example, too many ads or unorganized content can be a major turn-off for your website visitors. This is why it's important to present your content in a way that's visually appealing and user-friendly.

How to make your content more presentable? Here are some of the tips:

  • First of all, add a table of contents. 
  • Make sure your fonts are readable. 
  • Make use of skimmable headlines 
  • Use media that enhances your content, such as screenshots, videos, and custom illustrations  

If you notice, you will find one commonality between all of the four categories we discussed.

They're focused on user experience. So, if you to learn how to create content that's better than your competitors, always keep your user's best interest in mind. 

How to improve your content quality? 

When you take a close look at your competitor’s page, figure out what ideas can help improve user experience. If you can create something that is significantly better, your content will eventually rank higher! When you produce content for your website or landing page, you should make sure it should not make your readers feel skeptical. So, how to build trust with your readers? This is where you can leverage the power of statistics and facts. 

Secondly, if your readers have no clue what you are talking about, they will find no reason to stay on your website. You need to imagine from your customers’ shoes. If they are totally a newbie to the subject you are talking about, they might feel clueless and left out. Eventually, they will hop onto some other website or start searching for the subject on Google. 

Coming across as an authority is another way to improve your content quality. When users visit your website, they should feel as if you are the expert. The use of industry-specific jargons can help here. However, do not overuse them! 

Wrapping it up!

That’s all about how to create content that is better than your competitors. The more competitor websites you analyze, the better you will get at figuring out the gaps. Once you identify the existing gaps, you just need to fill them up. This is how you can come up with better content for your target audience.