4 Daily SEO Tasks That You Must to Do to Produce Results

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Google, on an average, makes more than eight algorithm changes everyday. That is plenty of algorithm changes. How do you ensure you are doing all the right things

to constantly stay at the top of Google SERPs?

In this blog, we’ll break down four SEO tasks that you should do every single day. 

1. Check Ranking

The first thing you should do everyday is check your rankings. You need to understand what are the keywords you rank for and the ones you don’t rank for. Check if you are ranking for relevant keywords, make sure these keywords are relevant to your niche and not unrelated. Because you need to rank for keywords within your niche and not others which won’t add any value to your website in terms of traffic or sales, as you will not have any clicks. Also look at your competitors, understand the keywords they are ranking for, are those the keywords you should be ranking for as well. Then you know which keywords you need to work on to be above your competition.

You want to focus on pages whose ranking is going down, and identify ways to improve those pages, in order to get your ranking up over time. Let's say you are ranking number eight for the keyword “SEO company.” You should just Google “SEO company,” and look at who is ranking for that keyword. Try to understand who is above you, what are they ranking for. This will help you lay out your next steps to rank above them. You should look at their pages and compare them to your pages. 

2. Look for new keywords

The second thing you should do on a daily basis is continually search for new keywords. So you would already know about the keyword you can and should rank for, but you can look for keyword variations. Constantly try to find more variations

of your keywords. By doing this on a daily basis, you will constantly have more keywords. So then that way, you can continually boost and increase your rankings

because SEO is all about keywords. The more keywords you have, the better off you're going to do, assuming you actually take time to create content around those.

So each and every single day, spend time on keyword research and constantly add more keywords to your keyword lists.

3. Regular Site Audit

The third thing that you should be doing is a regular site audit. And the reason you should do this is, as you constantly make changes to your website, and you constantly update things, you keep getting more and more SEO errors or things can go wrong. For example, there might be some pages that take too long to load, you should work on fixing this because it impacts user experience. A regular site audit helps you make sure you are keeping track of all things SEO related. 

4. Google Search Console

The fourth thing is to head over to Google search console. Within Google's search console, you will see where things are going wrong, where they are not, and they will list good URLs, bad URLs, and URLs that need to be improved. You can open up any specific report. You obviously always want to see less red. And as your yellow increases, you want to see less yellow, you should go through all the reports. And make sure there's no errors. Just make sure there are no major errors. 

We recommend you do these four tasks everyday because it's not one thing that gets your rankings. It's a lot of small little things combined. And by doing that, You will consistently rank over time and you will rank higher.