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Dec 02, 2022  . 5 min read
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New research shows that while searching, around 30% of people either refine or extend their search results. And they still remain unsatisfied. We've brought you many such latest digital marketing news that can significantly affect the market and marketers. 

Let's look into those news pieces:

Tik Tok

One of the most popular social media platforms, Tik Tok, has published a holiday marketing guide, and it looks like a pretty interesting guide to a 17-page document that's packed full of stats, facts, and great advice. Some of the more interesting stats are- "35 percent of users say Tik Tok makes them feel joyful; that's actually kind of a pretty low number, don't you think next thing 93 percent of weekly users celebrate Winter holidays and 82 percent of users feel positive about the winter holidays," so there's more information in that Tik Tok guide. 


Pinterest added 12 million users in Q3, which takes the total up to 445 million monthly active users. Unfortunately, that's not actually a year-over-year growth rate for Pinterest. It's actually back to where it was about a year ago, so they have slowed down a little bit. Another thing is Google says you'd be lucky if ranking stayed the same after changing URLs. Hence, the biggest mistake you can make in SEO is changing a URL, and when you do that, you usually lose all your rankings even if you have a 301 redirect in place, you will lose some of the rankings, so it's always a good thing to keep URLs, the same if possible.

Also, Scraper sites got hit hard by the October update. Some reason these scraper sites have started ranking really well again. These are sites that take content from other websites on the Internet, or they're creating spun content, a very older kind of SEO tactic but a way to get a lot of traffic, but they were hit pretty hard by the recent updates, so that's something to note.


Reddit is building an ads API, so apparently, they have been working on this for a while. They've had this aspiration to build an API that enables more effective and efficient campaign management, and really, the benefit of this is that now other third-party platforms are going to be able to plug into Reddit ad management. They've always been behind the ad game there, but they're trying to catch up a bit. 

In addition, according to SEMRush and then next Elon Musk, who is now officially the owner of Twitter. To some degree is floating out the idea of an eight-dollar-a-month verification program, so a lot of people on Twitter will have that blue badge but also more than that amount do not. So he came out with the idea that you could pay eight dollars a month to verify it, which created quite an uproar. A lot of people didn't want want to have to spend eight dollars a month just to have the blue check. But everybody has a different opinion on what should be done or not. 


The next thing is the survey comes that says that 71 percent of marketers are struggling to meet expectations. Now that's a pretty high number, don't you think? So Salesforce released results from a survey this week that highlighted the challenges and accomplishments of marketers during the last year. 71 percent say that meeting customer expectations is harder than it was a year ago. 83 percent say that their companies engage with customers in real-time across more than one channel. 33 percent say budgetary constraints are a challenge and 87 percent say their work provides greater value than it did a year ago. Also, marketers say they have plenty of data sources to work with this year versus in 2021, and they expect to get to 18 different data sources next year. 

In 2023, marketers plan to prioritize their use of tools and Technologies, experiment with new strategies, and modernize their Tech stack. Certainly seeing a lot of that on our end, our new software certainty Tech has basically become the center of almost all of our communication with prospects and clients, showing where they are versus the competition where they're headed.

There really is a big benefit to the right technology to understand where you should be with your digital marketing first-party data and things like that.


Apple is rolling out new ad placements in the App Store, so if you've got an IOS app that you'd like to promote, we've got good news for you. You're going to have the ability to have a couple of new ads, and we'll leave it at that.

That's it for the popular news for digital marketing news. Also, try to focus on what can affect the market in 2023, so you'll be able to prepare according to that.