The Easiest Way to Get More Blog Traffic

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Dec 05, 2022  . 3 min read
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As we know, there are over a billion blogs floating around in the web world. Businesses that regularly work on their blogs experience 2x email traffic in comparison to those that don’t. It has been seen that websites having a blog page showcase 434% more index pages. It means more traffic! Whenever we publish a blog post, we expect it to get a decent amount of traffic. So, there are some key questions, such as: how to get more blog traffic? how can you expect your blog posts to stand out? B

As per HubSpot, marketers who give more priority to blog marketing have 13x more chances of seeing a positive return on the investments made. So, what are the steps you need to take? Here are some easy-to-implement strategies that just work.

Answer right questions - Get more blog traffic

People on the internet search for questions a lot. Every single day, about 688 million searches on Google come in the form of questions. So, that's a lot of searches! Now, suppose you answer all the popular questions with your blog, imagine the kind of traffic you can generate! That’s the reason why Quora became so popular.

So, the next obvious question is, how do you find all the popular questions related to your industry? These are the steps you need to follow:

Step #1

Go to the website

Step #2

Enter the keyword associated with your business domain on the AnswerThePublic website. Remember, phrases containing just one or two words generate the best results.

Step #3

The website will show you all the popular questions related to the term. These are the questions that people have been asking more.

Step #4

Now, pick all the questions and Google each one of them. Give more importance to the ones that are closely related to your business domain. Take notes of all the questions that you Googled and check out those pages. Try to figure out what's so good about them, and what things can be improved. Note down everything!

Step #5

Now, you need to create content that answers each of those questions. To make sure you are heading the right way, you can refer to what your competitors are writing. Try to make your version even better!

Step #6

Next, create at least a few hundred blog posts that answer those questions. Do not expect each post to generate tons of traffic. However, when you have got thousands of pages, the result will be really amazing. It can generate some great traffic!

Step #7

Make sure you repeat this whole process for better results.


So, that’s how you can get more blog traffic in the right way. It certainly takes a good amount of time and effort to achieve results in SEO. You have to be both consistent and careful during the process. Make sure you maintain the quality of your blog posts.