Unlock the Ultimate Benefits of Ghost Integrations

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Dec 12, 2022  . 2 min read
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As your blog grow and get more audience, you will require the tools you use to expand too. Thanks to Ghost for making it possible to bring most of your widely preferred tools, with integrations. Ghost integrations allow you to connect a third-party application or service to your website. Is it secure? Absolutely!

Using Ghost integrations, you can empower your website to do all kinds of things, like collecting payments, hosting subscriber-only comments, turning social media followers into members, etc. In this blog, we will dive into the most popular integrations that Ghost publishers use.

Apps and Services

The Ghost blogging platform is compatible with almost every third-party service and app out there. Only a small percentage of them by default come as built-in, while the remaining ones can be configured manually.


Want to notify your subscribers every time you publish a new post? Get Slack for your Ghost account via integration! It even lets you create a new incoming webhook, which also can be customized. Keep your team posted.


Using Zapier you can easily integrate your Ghost account directly with more than 5,000 services and apps! Create sophisticated and powerful workflows and automations, thereby giving your subscribers/audience an unmatched experience.


FirstPromoter lets you build your own customized referral program. If you want to offer incentives to your audience or subscribers for spreading the word about your great work, FirstPromoter is what you need.

Custom Integrations

Manage the third-party apps or services in a better way by building custom client side integrations. Get complete control over the webhooks, API, and front end for improved performance.

Use Ghost Integrations Wisely!

There are hundreds of apps and services available that you can integrate into your Ghost account. They are meant to get the most out of your Ghost website. But, it’s important that you choose the ones that add value to your site. So, make the right choices!