Top Ghost Site Management Features Explained

Team TypeStack
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Dec 12, 2022  . 2 min read
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When we talk about the best blogging CMS, we cannot leave behind Ghost. Released in 2013, Ghost is an open-source blogging platform that is available for free. Ghost CMS packs in various useful features. Ghost Site Management features are there to uplift your overall experience of writing and publishing blogs. From letting you publish content in any language to helping you to manage your blog pages, there are various things you can do using the Site Management features. So, let’s get a quick overview of the same!

Feature #1: Pages

Want to create About us and Contact us pages? Use the Pages feature on the dashboard. Remember, this works only when you have got static content. It allows you to segregate your posts according to the pages.

Feature #2: Multi-language

Ghost CMS allows you to publish blog content in any language of your choice. It can be done in multiple languages too!

Feature #3: Custom Redirects

If you made any changes to your content structure, you can manage custom 301 & 302 redirects for mapping old links to the new location.

Feature #4: Custom Branding

Ghost allows you to have complete control over your website’s branding. It doesn’t place its brand logo or anything on your site.

Feature #5: Easy Navigation Menu

Owing to its simple user interface, it’s absolutely easy to create your website’s global navigation menu.

Feature #6: Linked Social Accounts

For deeper social features and rich embeds, make sure your website’s metadata is connected to your social media profiles.

Feature #7: Timezone Selection

Site Management also allows you to set a time zone and schedule of your choice to elevate your audience experience.

Feature #8: Site Password

When your website is under construction, this feature allows you to hide it from public view by turning on the private mode.

Feature #9: Code Injection

Need additional scripts/styles? Do it by adding custom code to your website’s header & footer section.

Wrapping it up!

That’s all about the features and functionalities you get under Site Management. Thanks to the clean interface that makes accessing the features super-easy. Try them out and gain hands-on experience right away!