19 Amazing Free Chrome Extensions For SEO

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Did you know why SEO crossed the road?

That is because he wanted to get hit by traffic. 

You would agree when we say that the only acceptable type of traffic is one that you get on your website. The only way to get as much traffic on your website is through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and using amazing SEO chrome extensions is a giant leap toward your SEO goals.

There are many SEO Chrome extensions available for you to choose from, both paid and free. So, in this article, we will talk about the 19 best free Chrome extensions for SEO.

1. MozBar

One of the most popular SEO Chrome extensions is the MozBar SEO toolbar for Chrome. It is created by Moz and helps the user obtain instant SEO insights about various websites or SERPs (Search engine results pages) without the need to leave your web browser.

You can view backlink metrics, page authority, and any website’s domain authority using this extension. MozBar is a must-have for any SEO expert.

2. SEOQuake by SEMrush

SEOQuake Chrome is an excellent free Chrome SEO extension, as it is easy to use and does not require you to have prior SEO knowledge. This extension will allow you to see any website’s ranking, keyword density, and indexing information. Most importantly, performing a Google search for your target keyword will provide you with a detailed report on every website ranking for it. 

3. Meta SEO Inspector

Meta SEO Inspector is a free Chrome SEO extension that lets you quickly inspect the metadata on web pages, find issues and get advice on how to fix them. This extension is constantly updated and has comprehensive features such as improving your website or examining competitors, indicators of what is missing or wrong, and how to fix it, print or export your report, etc.

Meta SEO extension is a must-have tool for web developers that need to verify the HTML of their website to follow the Webmasters’ Google Guidelines.

4. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free Chrome SEO extension created by the co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar, Neil Patel. It helps users to search for keyword search volume, cost-per-click (CPC), and insights for all keywords. It works with all the major platforms such as Google, YouTube and Amazon.

It presents the data you need in graphs to view the total monthly search volume that displays monthly desktop and mobile searches for the particular keyword you have entered.

5. Detailed SEO extension

Detailed SEO is a free Chrome SEO extension that enables you to optimize your on-page SEO by seeing the meta title and meta description length and contents, canonical URL, URCl indexicality, heading structure, and other helpful insights that can help you improve your SEO game.

6. GrowthBar

If you are in the market for an SEO extension that helps you grow your website substantially, then GrowthBar answers all your prayers. It is considered one of the smartest SEO tools in the world due to its powerful AI technology.

GrowthBar enables you to create SEO content outlines in seconds, spy on any website’s keywords, Google Ads and backlinks, and discover billions of keywords and backlinks.

7. SEO Site Tools

SEO Site Tools is a one-click SEO extension that grants you access to SEO tools such as keyword density check, meta tag analyzer, meta tag generator, HTTP header, redirect checker, article shuffler, word counter, character encoder/decoder, and IP locker.

8.Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer Chrome extension is a free on-page SEO extension that imports keyword search data directly into the Google interface. It adds monthly keyword counts and traffic beneath your Google search results and a sidebar that auto-generates related keyword ideas and volume.

If you are short on time and want to know what people are searching for around core products or services, then this free Chrome SEO extension is a must-have.

9.Mangools Chrome Extension

The Mangools Chrome Extension is a free SEO tool that gives you a quick and comprehensive summary of each website’s ranking data and metrics like backlinks, domain authority (DA), referring IPs, social shares, etc.

You can also get information on the keywords the website ranks for, SEO data and their top backlinks. The rank tracking tool is the feature that helps Mangools stand out from the competition.

10. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a free Chrome SEO extension that helps you know the keyword volume, CPC, competition, related keywords, and data for every keyword you enter in the Google Search Bar.

Keywords Everywhere supports all the major websites such as Google Search, YouTube, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, Majestic, Google Analytics, Amazon, Moz open site explorer, and Answer the public.

11. Redirect Path

Redirect Path is a free Chrome SEO extension that allows you to see all the redirects from the URL you have entered to your final URL. This extension helps you notice potential issues using the 301,302, 404, and 500 HTTP status codes and client-side redirects such as Meta and Javascript redirects.

Redirect Path also displays other HTTP Headers like server types, caching beader, and server IP Addresses.

12. Hreflang Tag Checker

Hreflang Tag Checker is a free Chrome SEO extension that enables you to automate checking a website’s hreflang tag development. It takes a readout of the URL’s hreflang tags and then assesses if they back reference to your current URL.

This tool is a must-have as it saves time and effort as you don’t have to assess a website’s language targeting and hreflang architecture.

13. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a free Chrome SEO extension that enables you to check key SEO metrics such as website traffic, engagement rate, traffic ranking, traffic source and keyword ranking.

14. SEO Minion

SEO Minion Chrome extension is one of the best and most popular free SEO Chrome extensions, as it helps you analyze on-page SEO, SERP preview, check broken links and redirects, and check Google rankings for your website across various locations without personalization.

15. FindThatLead

FindThatLead is a free Chrome SEO extension that helps you generate contextual backlinks. It basically saves you time by finding the correct emails on any LinkedIn profile or website. This extension also lets you know whether the email that is generated is valid or not.

16. Hunter

Hunter is another good option that helps you find the right emails related to the websites you visit. Apart from the email addresses, you can also obtain the job titles, names, social networks, and even phone numbers.

17. BuzzSumo Extension

BuzzSumo is a Chrome extension that allows you to search for the most shared and popular content online for any topic that you search. With one click, you can obtain the information you need to understand how specific content is performing. It displays the number of engagements on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Pinterest.

18. Serpstat Plugin

Serpstat is a free Chrome SEO extension that helps you get insights on rank tracking, keyword research, backlink analysis, comprehensive competitor analysis, and site audit. This SEO tool has three sections:

  1. Page analysis
  2. On-page SEO parameters
  3. Domain analysis

It helps you find the necessary data on your domain availability, meta tags, top 10 keywords your site ranks for, etc.

19. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a free Chrome extension that Google itself has developed. It audits your URLs and provides you feedback and recommendations on improving your webpage's accessibility, outreach and SEO across all devices.

SEO is something that can make or break your website. Irrespective of how good your website is, it will all go to waste if users cannot find it when looking for relevant content on Google. So, this list of 19 best free chrome extensions for SEO should help you choose the right tools and extensions. The best part about this is that you don’t have to spend any money to take your SEO game to the top.