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When you look at a landing page, you know right away whether this page will work or not. The initial look is enough for you to decide if the page is a high converting one. So, what is the right way to design a high converting landing page? Well, a few things matter when it comes to building a landing page that works. In this blog, we will discuss six steps to build a landing page that can assure high conversion.

How to build a landing page that converts?

Below are the six steps using which you can create a landing page that can guarantee high conversion. Check them out!

1. Be clear with your value proposition

First of all, you have to be very clear about your value proposition, and it should be mentioned in a header. Remember, the attention span of your target audience will be less than a few seconds. If you want to hold their attention, the headline should be really catchy, unique, and amazing. Make sure the headline is within seven or eight words.

2. Add visual focus

Whether it's a product shot, a head shot,  or a video clip, adding some sort of visual focus can help you put the attention of your audience. When someone goes through a headline, a graphical element can keep them hooked to your landing page. The higher quality of visual elements you produce, the better off you are!

3. Outline the benefits and features

When you clearly mention the features and the benefits of your products or services, you make it easier for your target audience to understand why and how your product/service is useful to them. Focus also on how your product or service aims to solve the key problems of your target audience. 

4. Call to action

The next step is about adding a single and highly focused CTA button. Some landing pages contain multiple call-to-action buttons, almost everywhere! Well, that may work for some products. When you have your headline along with the visual focus, and you are talking about your benefits, it means you are actually answering the objections. Once someone gets the whole story and understands why they should be buying your product or service, and then you have a call to action. They're much more likely to convert. 

5. Include testimonials

The fifth thing you want to do is include testimonials and other visual proof. Reviews are great. The main reason why reviews are amazing is people know the truth. How they feel, how they don't feel, if it's great or if it's bad. And by including that, they can then get a better sense if it's right for them, or if it's not a good fit for them. 

6. Offer a guarantee 

When you offer a free trial with no credit card, or you are giving a 30/60 day money-back guarantee, those are awesome things, it gets easier for your target audience to put their trust in your brand. You want people to feel comfortable.


So, those are the six key steps you need to follow to build a high converting landing page. When you follow each of these steps, you are sure to come up with something great! The more you refine your content, the better results you will generate.