How Can I Link Pages To The Header And Footer Buttons Of The Homepage?

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Give your audience easy and hassle-free access to your content by linking your pages to the header and footer of your homepage. Here’s how:

  • Go to the bottom left of your dashboard.
  • Click on “Settings” 
  • Click on the “Menu”
  • Enter the title of the header or footer button and add the link where you want readers to be redirected
  • In the header section, you can select if you want the link to look like a primary or secondary button
  • Click on plus button to add more links in the footer or header
  • A checkbox given under the link title (when checked) will allows the reader to open the link in a new tab
  • Clicking on “Save changes” will link your page
  • To delete the link, click on the delete icon next to the tab

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