How to Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2022

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Video marketing is dominating the current content marketing landscape. YouTube is the second most-visited website, with 2.6 billion viewers across the globe! So, it’s never too late to ask how to grow your YouTube channel, even from scratch. If you Google some tips, you might feel overwhelmed with the gargantuan amount of content available, making you feel more confused.

Strategies to grow your YouTube channel

This blog will help you with no-nonsense strategies to grow your YouTube channel, regardless of how much content it already contains. If you’re already doing great on YouTube, the strategies in this blog can further enhance your YouTube game!

Strategy# 1: Focus on suggested videos!

If you have noticed, most of the suggested videos on your YouTube account are dominated by the biggies. As a YouTuber, your goal should be to get your videos to the suggested video section. It can get you a massive amount of views! 

So, how to do it? Follow the ‘sequel technique’. Using this technique, you figure out videos in your niche that are already getting loads of views. Once you have the list, start creating a better version of the same videos. Make sure you use the same keywords in the title tags and video descriptions. This way, there is a good chance that your videos will appear in the suggested video section. 

For instance, if your niche is related to health and fitness, and you come across a popular video talking about the keto diet plan, you need to create an upgraded version of that video. That can be done by adding more in-depth and updated information.

Strategy# 2: Cross-pollination

This strategy is about leveraging your current follower base. You can make them follow your other accounts on new platforms. But why is it important to be present on multiple platforms? It gets easier to grow your channel if you have a decent number of followers on any of the social media platforms. 

Let’s take an example: you already have a strong presence on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and you’ve just published your first video on YouTube. Now, you can promote the video more effectively by letting your followers know about it. If you’re on Twitter, you can tweet about it. If you’re on Instagram or Facebook, you can take a clip of that video and post the same along with a description. Cross-pollination can help you grab thousands of fresh eyeballs on your videos. 

Strategy# 3: Scale up your production value

This strategy might not sound like a significant one, but it does matter. The quality of videos you upload on YouTube plays a key role in determining how your audience perceives you. You can invest in a new camera, good-quality mic, and lighting set to churn out great videos. Likewise, you can also write a detailed outline of your video before shooting it. You can even hire freelancers to streamline the process. As long as you are gradually enhancing the production value, you are on the right track!

Strategy# 4: Bog P Thumbnails

Thumbnails can indeed either make or break your YouTube channel. Why do thumbnails matter? Firstly, well-designed thumbnails pull in more audience to your YouTube channel and entice them to watch your videos. How to come up with great-looking thumbnails? Here, you can follow the Bog P thumbnails method, which involves the use of these four colors- Blue, Orange, Green, and Purple. 

You can also add yellow to the list. Most of the thumbnails on YouTube are in red, black, and white. If you want your thumbnail to stand out, you can go with the Bog P color combination. Videos tend to receive a pretty decent CTR (click-through rate) when your thumbnails stand out in the crowd.

Strategy# 5: Assemble a capable team

Growing a YouTube channel from scratch takes a decent amount of effort. From recording the videos to adding graphics animations, there are tons of processes involved. To ensure your videos get good exposure, you also need to optimize them by adding SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags. Likewise, sometimes you also need to promote your videos to gain extra traction.

So, it is evident that some of the key steps need to be outsourced. If you keep doing everything yourself, even the stuff you are not good at, your channel wouldn’t stand out. The look and feel of your YouTube channel can get better only if everything is done correctly.

Bonus tip

As your videos’ average view duration improves, your channel gets more subscribers, because your videos start appearing more frequently in the suggestion section. Long-format videos can do the trick here. However, make sure you don’t degrade the quality of your videos with filler content. That would do more harm than good.

Once you start working on the strategies mentioned above, you will start seeing results after a few months. Remember, building a successful YouTube channel takes time and consistent effort. Kickstart it today!