How Long Does SEO Take To Work for New Websites?

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Talking about the SEO landscape, things have definitely changed, especially in the last few years. Before 2015, doing SEO around this time was what you would call easy mode. These days, as you know, things are a lot different and there are plenty of reasons for it. First, Google started pushing in the Google Sandbox. Well, the Sandbox is more like a leash that is placed on newly launched websites and it prevents them from ranking. 

Why does it take longer to get SEO results these days?

Many people still debate over the existence of the Sandbox. Whenever people launch new websites, they usually do some keyword research and come up with a bunch of options. And if they are able to find some highly uncompetitive keywords then they will first target them. However, Sandbox prevents them from ranking in the top position on the SERP.  

Another reason is the highly competitive environment that exists these days. If you started a blog on tennis in 2010, there are probably just 10,000 tennis websites you were competing with. Now, there are probably more than 500,000! 

One more reason why it takes longer to get SEO results today is related to the amount of content that's required in today's Google environment. If you are trying to rank high for a topic like fishing, a single article isn’t going to do anything! Google will reward your website only when you cover each and every key topic related to fishing. This concept is called topical authority. 

Finally, backlinks are the last reason why SEO takes longer these days. A backlink is when the content of one website links to another, usually with a text-based or sometimes image-based link. 

How long does it take to get to the top of Google?

In most cases, websites take 6 to 12 months, if you're doing everything right. The duration usually depends on multiple factors. Let’s talk about them!

The first factor is the Sandbox, and it typically lasts 2 to 4 months. If you can avoid the Google Sandbox or at least cut short its duration, within 1 to 6 months you can expect to get 5k traffic. The next factor is the level of competition you face. When you target the heavyweight keywords right away, it can take up to two years to get results! But if you start with small keywords and then switch to long-tail keywords, you will start seeing good results. 

The SEO methods you use are perhaps the most important factor here. When you create SEO strategies, try to get out of the Google Sandbox as soon as possible. There are mainly two reasons why Sandbox exists- when your website doesn't have any link authority and because it’s hard to trust your website. This is where you need to leverage the power of backlinks. 

Create tons of content for your website

When you launch a website with plenty of content, covering all the major aspects of the related topic, you get significant results. Yes, we are talking about the topical authority launch. Using this technique, you can generate a good amount of traffic. To make this happen, start doing research to find out every piece of content that can help you gain topical authority in your niche. 

Optimize your content properly

How long SEO takes to work for a new website also depends on content optimization. Whenever you write content for your website, make sure to optimize it properly. Every piece of blog or article should be perfectly optimized. It will help you rank quickly. Select your keywords carefully, and insert them properly in your content. If you are writing a blog post, make sure the format is correct. Use catchy subtitles, add long-tail keywords, and do not forget to optimize the images for SEO.


It does take some time to rank a new website. SEO is a long-term game. You have to be both accurate and consistent. When you put in the right strategies and make them work for weeks and months, you will start getting great results!