How to Build thousands of Backlinks From One Simple Hack?

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If you are looking to get backlinks, there are other ways than doing loads of manual outreach and churning out tons of new content. We have got a simple hack for you. In this blog, we will help you learn how to build thousands of backlinks without spending hours and hours on time-consuming methods. We are talking about creating infographics. You can leverage the popularity of blog posts to roll out high quality infographics for your target audience. Let’s get started!

Find the right content 

First of all, you need to figure out the right content that can be converted into infographics. To find them out, you can use tools like Ubersuggest. You just need to feed some popular keywords in the tool and based on them, the tool will show you all the popular blog posts, having tons of search traffic, social shares, and backlinks. So, these are the blog posts you need to target, particularly the data driven ones. 

Convert the data into infographics

We all know that it’s hard to comprehend data. So, what you can do is present the complex data in an easy to understand infographic format. There are plenty of online tools available for the same. Canva is one of the widely used tools in this case. In your infographic, make sure to mention your source. You need to tell your audience about the source of your data. It will make easy for them to put their trust in you. This way, they will feel more comfortable while sharing your infographic content via social media platforms. 

How long your infographic should be?

Ideally, your infographic should have five to six key points. If you put more, it can turn out to be overwhelming for your audience! Also, make sure the five to six points you choose should have a natural flow. They should sound like a story, rather than five or six unrelated points. After all, besides visually appealing, your infographic has to be interesting and valuable. 

How to share your infographics?

Now, you can use online tools to find out the list of users who are linked to the blog posts. They are basically your target audience. Once you have the list, you can hit them up by sharing your newly created infographic. You can embed that infographic into your blog post, which will make it further easy for your audience to understand the data. You can also publish the infographic on your website, so that people can easily link back. 


So, this is how you can build thousands of backlinks from infographics in an easy way. You don’t have to burn the midnight oil churning out tons and tons of content. You just need to be smart while selecting the blog posts. Use the data to create amazing infographics and lure your target audience right away. Try this hack and we are sure you will generate great results without any fuss!