Top 7 tools to check any site’s website traffic

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Dec 07, 2022  . 8 min read
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There are many tools available to check your website traffic. But do you know, you can check other websites’ traffic also?

Yes, you can check with the help of the right tools. If you have a query on how to check the number of visits to a website or which platform is driving more traffic, then all will be answered in this article.

Here are the topmost and most effective tools that will tell you how to check the traffic of a website.


SEMRush is an all-in-one marketing platform for businesses. It offers a variety of services ranging from SERP tracker to traffic analytics to ad analysis to backlink checker and many more.

The traffic analytics solution is given to check competitors’ or any other website’s traffic. Here you will find the traffic overview report of websites, which gives the following information to analyze, i.e. total visits, average visit duration, bounce rate, unique visitors, pages per visit, and many other important metrics.

If you want to check multiple websites’ traffic at once, then there is a feature called bulk traffic analysis that is also provided with SEMRush. Traffic from a maximum of 200 websites can be analyzed at one time in a single report. This report can then be exported to .csv.

What you will see in traffic reports is mentioned below -

  • You can track the websites that user’s of your competitor visit. It will provide you with greater insight into the audience’s behavior.
  • You can also find how your competitor is attracting visitors and through which site they have the maximum visitors. The user’s traffic journey is tracked.
  • You can analyze your competitor’s top-performing pages with their latest product and service promotion
  • Also, find which geography is contributing majorly to the website’s traffic and how their users are different from other geographies.

Similar Web

Similar Web is a web analytics site that specializes in web traffic assessment. Here you will find behind-the-scenes reports of website traffic. Other SEO tools and marketing services are not offered by Similar Web.

You will come across the following information in Similar Web reports -

  • You can see the traffic overview of different zones, like country-wise, around the world, and rank categorization. A geographic breakdown of the traffic is also mentioned here. Other important statistics, for example, average visit duration, bounce rate, and pages per visit are also displayed.
  • Entry and exit page sources through which the traffic is coming and leaving are also given.
  • Top-performing keywords (paid and organic both) of the website are studied in detail.
  • Advertisement reports are also generated that give information on the different ad networks a website is using.
  • Audience analysis is also provided that shows which categories come at the top of the user’s list and which website is the user’s favorite other than this one.
  • You won’t have to find the competitors’ list. Similar web will provide the list of close and faraway competitors.
  • You can also find which social media platform is driving more traffic to the website.

This platform offers both free and paid services. However, free services are limited to five results per metric, app data, and web traffic data for 1 month and 3 months respectively. Guidelines are also given on how to check the traffic of a website.

Sitechecker Pro

Sitechecker Pro offers a variety of services from website traffic checker to rank tracker, from site checker to free on-page SEO checker that helps businesses improve their business strategies.

Although all features perform excellently in their way, usage of site monitoring and backlink tracker tools makes the site worth trying. Traffic checker is a free tool available on Site Checker Pro that lets you review any domain’s website traffic.

Just select the traffic checker tool, and type the website name in the search bar. A window will appear, parted into two sections i.e. Traffic overview & Engagement.

Traffic overview contains the total desktop and mobile traffic in the last six months and the engagement section demonstrates four metrics i.e. overall visit per month, average visit duration, page visits, and bounce rate.

You can scrutinize the traffic in depth by categorizing them into separate countries and distinguishing the traffic sources. Sitechecker Pro will also provide you with the website's top five keywords (both organic and paid).

Sitechecker Pro gives traffic checker services free of cost, however, its other products and services are paid. You can subscribe to its services, and if it doesn't suit you, you can get your money back within 48 hours.


UberSuggest lets you view and analyze strategies of websites that help them gain traffic and improve SEO. You can do keyword research and analysis, plan your content marketing strategy, and review your competitor’s website traffic.

Go to UberSuggest's home page, then type the website name. Results stating “Domain Overview” will appear, you can either email this report or export it as a PDF. Four measurement metrics i.e. Organic keywords, paid keywords, total traffic, and paid ad cost are covered.

Below this, you will find the graphical representation of this data, along with its comparison.

UberSuggest gives you both free and paid services. It lets you search three websites only in 24 hours under the free services option. In the paid plan, you also get to see historical views of the website’s traffic and keyword ranking data.

Different plans are designed for individuals, small businesses, and agencies. You can also try a demo for seven days before subscribing to its plan.


SERanking is a one-stop solution for all SEO-related problems. SERanking is equipped with search engine optimization software that contains all related tools.

Go to the homepage and search for the website. The site will provide you with traffic details per month. Traffic is classified into paid and organic traffic per month. The website’s top-ranking keywords are also visible here.

Data is represented in a line graph with the progress also recorded separately. You can also review the top-performing pages of the website and see which sites are its main competitors or not.

The whole data of the website’s traffic is extracted and presented in the SERanking site, but you can only view limited data without a subscription. Sign up for a free trial for 14 days, and afterward, you can subscribe to the plan as per your business requirement.


WebCEO provides you with more than 20 online SEO tools for effective digital marketing. This platform is different from what you have read before. On this platform, you cannot directly and easily extract and analyze your competitor’s website traffic details.

Here first you have to create a project using your website. Now use the competitor metrics tool to get information on other websites’ traffic. Alexa provides information on traffic statistics to compare.

You can use this platform's services by subscribing to its plan after taking a 14 days trial. However, you can only access 21 SEO tools under the trial period.


SerpStat is an SEO management platform that provides powerful and effective tools for backlink analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and other research and analysis.

To use this platform’s services, first, you have to provide your email address, phone number., and password to create your account. Then you can search any website’s traffic data.

After entering the website’s name in the search bar, the result page will show the following data-

  • You will find the list of keywords (both paid and SEO)
  • Frequency of website appearance in search engine result pages.
  • It shows what is the traffic trend in a particular month
  • List of web pages that are attracting more traffic

Just like other tools mentioned above, only limited features are available in free versions. To enjoy the full benefits of the platform you have to take a subscription.

Now you are well equipped with tools on how to check the traffic of a website. So use all of these tools to your advantage.

Analyze your website traffic

Keeping an eye on competitors’ website traffic is important, but don’t forget to track your own website’s traffic. Google Analytics and Google search console provide you with different tools and features to track the progress of your website traffic.

Google Analytics lets you track traffic sources and user behavior of your website and furnish a detailed report. You need to add some tracking code to your website code. If you operate on a WordPress site, then you have the help of plugins to simplify your process.

Google search console looks after the treatment of search engines towards your website. Not only website traffic research and analysis, but it also gives you the option to review keywords and track keyword performance

In short…..

You can learn new things from other websites’ traffic, see how they are increasing their traffic, what their traffic sources are, and which pages are the top-performing ones. And use this data to improve and enhance your own website.

You need to keep a few points in mind while understanding how to check the traffic of a website -

  • Unique visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Organic search traffic
  • Average visit duration
  • Top traffic sources
  • Country-wise traffic data
  • Pageviews
  • Keywords
  • Visibility
  • Engagement
  • Audience

In this updated world, you just don’t need to get updated with your niche information but also with how your competitor is working and increasing their audience.