How to Create Google Data Studio Templates?

Team TypeStack
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In this blog, we will show you how to turn a report or dashboard from Google Data Studio into a shareable template. If you've taken the time to create a report and you want to let people outside of your organization make a copy of the report it's easy to do so.

The first thing we recommend is to duplicate the dashboard so that you know which one you are going to make public. This also lets you change the data source, so we are not sharing any confidential information. To do this let's select a file, and then make a copy, you will see on the left the data source for your original dashboard, You can then select a new data source on the right. Since this dashboard is only using data from Google Analytics you can simply select the Google Analytics sample data, this ensures that we're not sharing our own data in the template. 

Now you can select “copy report,” you might want to change the name of the report. Now you want to share your dashboard so that others can access it. To do this, let's select share and then manage access on the right, we can see that only specific people will be able to access the dashboard. So let's select this option and change this to “anyone with the link” can view. Now let's click “Save” So we've changed the data source so that we're not sharing our own data and we've changed the permissions so that anybody can view the report. Now all we need to do is copy the URL and then add a forward slash preview to the end of the URL.

You can copy this URL and share it with anyone, when they load the URL they will see the report or dashboard as a template. They can then add this to their own Google Data Studio account by selecting “use template.”

Let’s look at one more way through which you can share your reports and dashboards. Go to the report gallery, it includes templates created by Google and community members you can submit your reports and dashboards to the gallery. To do this select “submit your report” and follow the steps to submit your report. All submissions will be reviewed by Google and they only publish a small number of reports. 

So that's how you can create a shareable template of your Google Data Studio report or dashboard. Remember that if you make your report accessible outside your organization you should make a copy of your original report then change the data source to use sample data before you create your template link. This will ensure that you don't accidentally share any confidential information contained in your original report.

Google Data Studio is a powerful tool that allows you to visualize your data in new and interesting ways. So once you’ve cracked it, create a template and share away so that others can benefit from your learning and experience.