How To Find Trending Topics On Popular Platforms?

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The content you post represents your brand. Hence, you should not only focus on posting what is relevant but also understand what is trending. Because users follow the trend. 

Once you know how each platform works, the next step is to figure out the type of content you wish to put out. It is necessary to produce content that aligns with the platform’s and brand’s tone. 

It can only be done when you understand how to find trending topics on popular platforms. Since every platform has its own style, you should learn about all of them.

We have made it easier for you to find trending topics by explaining the process for all those popular platforms.

Google Trends

Google Trends is an online tool used to collect information about search terms used on the Google search engine. It offers up-to-date information on search trends from as recently as the previous hour to as far back as a decade ago. A statistic termed interest over time is used to present this data.

Interest over time is assessed on a scale of 0 to 100, wherein 100 indicates the highest level of interest for the term across the period chosen in the search. With Google Trends, you can perform targeted searches and filter the outcomes according to your area to find the phrases that are most pertinent to your brand.


Not surprisingly, YouTube is a terrific resource for locating trending subjects to include in your content plan. The platform is a well-known search engine as well as one of the most popular sharing websites.

The newest viral ideas and numerous current occurrences always generate interest. You can go to the YouTube Trending page to find out what videos are popular right now. This particular area of the website displays popular videos from various categories.

As per the popularity, the content is categorized. There are further sections dedicated to movies, video games, and music. You can be confident that all the trending videos are in-time basis since the page is updated every 15 minutes.


Twitter is renowned for having a good amount of constantly changing trends throughout the entire network. General trends, current events, and those specific to your feed depending on your preferences are visible. Using the Explore page, you may find a list of hot subjects.

The primary "For You" tab displays content tailored to your interests and the platform's algorithm. By establishing options based on geography or specific topics, you can customize this page to restrict your feed.

Use the "Trending" tab on the Explore page to identify related trends as an alternative source. It will display the platform's most popular trending topics.

Various subjects are mentioned and ranked according to how popular they are right now. There are a few posts for each topic, and you may select the topic to get a curated list of related posts.


Instagram is a well-liked social media site with more than one billion monthly users. On the platform, trends spread swiftly as brands and influencers try to cash in by uploading content that appeals to the audience.

Instagram, like Twitter, offers a tool called Explore that makes it simple to spot trends. When you click the Explore icon on Instagram, a page of popular content loads.

The choices are made based on your own preferences and the kinds of materials you have previously engaged with.

On Instagram, hashtags are a crucial component of content discovery. Even better, users can follow their preferred hashtags to have their newsfeeds automatically updated with those kinds of postings.

Take note of all the hashtags that publishers use when you discover noteworthy trends. These tags can help you draw in the correct audience for your own work.


Facebook makes its trending decisions based on a multitude of variables. This encompasses timing, location, and engagement. Use the hot topics section in the Business IQ dashboard to uncover new trends.

The most popular subjects across a range of categories, including entertainment, food and drink, sports, and people and creativity, are listed on this page by Facebook. The number of "hot topics" you find are always increasing.

Searching for well-liked Facebook postings is another technique to discover trending subjects. A post's popularity is determined by the likes it receives.


LinkedIn is a well-liked corporate and professional social media platform. It is used by users to build their networks and develop connections.

Go to the Content hub to find LinkedIn trends. Select a core topic, then delve into related subtopics. This will provide you with a list of Linkedin posts that are popular and linked to your selected topic.

By offering your own perspective on the popular hot subjects in your industry, you can connect with potential customers from your network. In addition to leaving comments with your opinions, you can share other content, such as blog posts, to broaden your audience.

Utilizing LinkedIn trends to reach your audience is another effective strategy. You'll be able to post long-form material right on the platform. LinkedIn publishing posts can be utilized to establish connections with highly relevant users and increase your authority.

Additionally, the site offers thorough analytics about your readers. You may use these insights to better determine the kind of audience to target with your content marketing once your posts start achieving traction.


It is often used network in different countries of the world. In fact, it received more visitors than Google in 2021, making it the most visited website worldwide.

TikTok was created around trends. Users produced many kinds of short-form videos, which quickly picked up steam and became popular.

Music and dance videos are pretty popular here. Many users will jump on board and produce their own version once a certain topic gains traction.

The Discover page is the first place to check for TikTok trends. These hot subjects are chosen every day, and they include hashtags you may use to look at related videos.

Google News

A program called Google News gathers news from thousands of websites on the internet. In accordance with the user's interests, it presents collections of linked stories.

To determine how to rank the content presented to consumers, Google uses an algorithm. The most important element is how frequently a specific story appears on various websites.

As a result, the most popular topics on the web are those that are trending and hence are usually at the top of the list.


A news-type website, BuzzFeed, focuses on offering articles about current events from a humorous and entertaining perspective.

The website is quite relatable, especially for millennials and younger generations.

By visiting the "Trending" page on BuzzFeed, you may find the most popular trends. from the platform's user base.

In the sidebar of your default news feed, the platform also displays a list of the most popular posts. Content that is already going viral is collected by BuzzFeed. As a result, there is now a lot of interest in the topics listed on the Trending page.

You can identify popular themes that are excellent for sharing on your social media accounts even if some of the content doesn't have a lot of keyword search activity.


Reddit bills itself as the internet's home page. Users can visit the website's vast collection of small forums to talk about the subjects that interest them.

Reddit's default setting is to prominently display trending topics in your feed. There is a list of "Trending Today" themes appearing at the top of the page.

The popular posts that currently received the most engagement are displayed in the stream below. The posts are also listed in order of how many upvotes and comments they have when you visit a subreddit for a certain subject.

Using the search feature on Reddit is another approach to locating popular subjects. Reddit will present the posts and subreddits that are most pertinent to your search.

The list can be configured to sort by "Hot." The most prominent search phrase trends will be displayed here.

The Takeaway

Online content can benefit greatly from current events. You can be sure that there is ongoing interest in a topic when you write material on it.

Because you know the subject has strong demand, you don’t have to spend much time researching the topic’s search volume or other metrics before creating your posts.

So, up your content marketing game now by using the pointers mentioned in the blog!

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