How To Fix Google Core Web Vitals LCP Errors Issue And Get High Rankings In Search Results

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Dec 12, 2022  . 3 min read
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In this blog, we are going to talk about a very important thing that you may be ignoring or you may not be aware that this issue exists with your website. Fixing issues related to Google Core Web Vitals LCP is really important, else your website will never be able to rank high in the google search results. If you want to get SEO traffic from google, this blog can help you out a lot.

How to fix LCP issues?

To fix the issue, first you will have to go to the Google Search Console. If your website is not connected with Google Search Console, you will have to log in first. Once you login, go to the code web titles and enhancement tab on Google Search Console.

Here, you can see the report related to your website. If you hover over the question mark icon, you will be able to see the data related the to chrome user experience. This report reflects actual usage data and it's not just from the test that you do.

So what is LCP?

LCP means largest contentful paint. Ideally, it should be lower than 2.5 seconds, and anything above 2.5 seconds. But anything between 2.5 and 4 seconds means your website needs improvement. If it is more than 4 seconds then it means the performance is really poor. So, if you want your website to deliver better user experience and achieve a higher rank on search results, you need to fix its LCP issues.

Reasons that lead to LCP issues and how to fix them

Poor web hosting: The main reason is poor web hosting. If your visitors are from let's say Asia and your website server is in U.S., so naturally it will take more time to load your website. For this reason, your user experience report will show that the LCP is higher. Hence, switch to a better hosting provider.

Unoptimized images: If your website have multiple images and they are not optimized properly, it can also have an impact on its performance. Optimizing images can make a really big changes to you the LCP score.

Third-party embeds: If you are adding video-based content on your website from platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter, you need to embed them properly. It can be hard to work on embeds because we cannot control how long Youtube takes to load. If you want to keep embeds, what you can do is remove them to the bottom of the page. This way, when the page loads then it will not slow down the page loading time

The outcome

Once you have fixed the issues and you are getting good results, go again go to the Google Search Console. Then click on validate fix to initiate the validation process. It will take like 28 days to complete. So, you just have to wait and see Google bots crawl your website again. If they detect that the issue has been fixed, they will mark it as good URLs. But, if Google bots visit your website and notice the LCP is still longer than four seconds then you will get a notification with email. You can also manually log into the Google Search Console and check your website.