How To Fix Website Traffic Problems?

Team TypeStack
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In this blog, you will learn why you are not getting traffic and how to fix it to start getting traffic. Here, we're going to use Semrush to show you exactly the mistake you are making on your new website or your old website that is costing your website from not ranking and also getting traffic.

Let's show you how to fix it and the reason why you're not getting google traffic. The reason is quite simple, all you have to do is go over to the keyword review. Let's understand with an example what wrong thing you're doing- say your niche is a dog, and you're targeting the USA. Most of you think it is only focusing on low kd keywords and going for high CPC keywords and high volume search keywords.

Most times, some of you go for seasonal keywords- there are some keywords that trend from January to December, whereas there are some keywords that trend during holidays. For example, some of your targets keyword is not trending at the moment, which is why s3 is so difficult.

If you've created a blog for four months right now and not getting traffic, the reason might be writing content that is not steadily trending. You have to wait till the content or the particular keyword you write start trending, and the most important thing does not just to have a good keyword that is trending. It also requires you to build enough backlinks to the content that is trending.

For example, search and go to treatment on the dog; this can happen inany niche crypto or anything job niche, mention them any need you are in through this is the reason why you're not getting traffic.

Now, you can scroll up and down for kd, and go to very easy keywords; it's going to bring up something.

Also, it would be best if you write with steadily trending keywords. Or you need to do research and write with particular keywords in a few seasons only. Whenever you are doing keyword research, keep in mind that you want your website to peak very fast and start getting traffic.

Look at the trends, and it would also be good if you looked at the charts. There, you're going to see the chart is going up. However, if you're starting up a new website, don't go for these chats if you need fast traffic. But, on the other hand, if you don't need fast traffic, you have to consider the type of keyword you publish on your website. That's the most important because many of you make a mistake in writing a keyword with unsteady trends.

The trending will come after several months- 10 months of your creating your blog or maybe writing content. So the easiest way to fix it is to look at the trending.

If the trending is steady, it is recommended you go for this type of trending. Basically, trending is the most important thing you have to consider if you need fast traffic because this is what most SEO experts are not telling you out there.

They just tell you to write well-optimized content and publish it, but whatis the trending of those keywords you are going after? If the trending is going to take six more seven months within the shape of the training, that's when you know the actual period of time this content or this keyword you're targeting is going to rank.

Look at the trend when going after any keyword, and make sure the trending shape is okay. You'll find some particular keywords are trending steadily. Some might be flat, and some will have a peak. So whenever you are going for a keyword, you need fast traffic.

So this is how to fix it, instead of you waiting if you don't want to wait for a long period of time to get the traffic during the changing of that year, then go for the keywords that trend every single day people cannot do with that, like how to make money. For example, if you notice the trend in how to make money is something that everyday people search it in their life. And when you look at 'happy fathers day,' the only time people will pick interest to come and copy or video after happy father's day is when father's day is approaching; that's the time they need that content.

So try to understand the type of content you plot inside your website, so you will not end up blaming the people who build links for you or do exile for you. Also, look at the trendings, and you will fix the error. If you can wait for the trending take on a particular time, it's fine. But if you cannot wait for the trending, go for a niche trending that is trending every day within your niche. A keyword is trending every day!

Hope you've learned numerous things from this blog and got to know about your mistakes. From now on, try to follow what we've mentioned above, and you'll be on your way to getting more traffic.