How To Get Traffic Using Reddit - Learn How To Get Targeted Free Traffic

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In this blog, we will discuss everything about Reddit and how you can get traffic from there. So, let's start with understanding what exactly Reddit is. 

It is an excellent place to get traffic for your products and services, provided you do it correctly. There are thousands of communities here and lots of different niches, so there is always going to be an audience for the kind of thing you want to promote. If done correctly, you can see good growth in traffic.

In this blog, we'll discuss how you can get traffic using Reddit along with some tips and tricks on how you can find the right communities and add value to those communities.

As we all know, Reddit is a huge website; it gets about 1.6 billion visitors every month. 

Around 50% of these visitors come from the United States of America. And the best part about this is that either these people come from directly linking into Reddit or through searching for things. 

Therefore, putting valuable content on Reddit can be really beneficial for you. As it is a great place for it to show up on search engines like Google, and this is where the power of Reddit comes in. 

How to find communities on Reddit?

First things first, when you're using a site like Reddit make sure you're having fun on that site. Also, you need to ensure that you're engaging with people, creating a lot of value for them, and contributing to the various communities on Reddit.

To understand how Reddit works, imagine a series which has thousands of communities in many different niches, where some of these communities are powerful and massive. You would want to find folks that are in communities that would be interested in your goods and services. Whether you've got a blog or a youtube channel, this is a great way to advertise yourself.

So, grab your profile and get ready to explore Reddit. There, you'll see some karma points; these points are just a reflection of some upvotes that people make over the years on Reddit for various types of posts. It is just like the "likes" on Reddit. It shows people that you do engage with people, and you do provide value.

Communities on Reddit are known as subreddits, and you'll see the ‘r/community name'. It is a series of topics, and that's the way a community is built. It looks a little bit imposing, a little bit busy when you are a first-time Redditor, but once you get in, it is quite easy to navigate around.

On the left side of the homepage, you'll see a 'home section.' Once you click on it, you'll see various options which will help you find communities. You can find communities from your home feed, the Popular section, the Top communities section, etc which are listed on the left-hand panel of your Reddit account.

The first thing you can do is, search for various keywords related to your niche, to find the communities that you're interested in. If you want to go ahead and post, then you can easily post anything from images to links to the communities you are a member of. For example, if you are a YouTuber, you can post your youtube videos there to promote yourself.

How to find multiple communities within your niche on Reddit? 

Finding communities in your own niche doesn't differ much from finding other communities. All you have to do is look for a keyword that's within your own niche. For instance, if your keyword is keto diets, search for it, and you'll find numerous keto diet communities. 

You can join various communities that have that keyword in them. Let's say you found a community named 'keto progress.' After joining that community, you'll get into their own subreddit, where you can start looking at its various posts.

One of the major things is that when you first visit any community, visit the about community section on the right panel. This section will give you information like the number of members in that community, the number of members online, etc. However, one should be respectful of this space and the rules of a particular community and post relevant content. Because posting here is a great way to promote yourself. 

Not to mention, after getting into the first community, you can start looking at other subreddits with similar topics. 

By contributing through your posts and other engagement activities, you're adding value to the actual post overall and the community. In addition, you can get people over to your own products and services if they visit your profile, where you can have the links to your various videos or your blog posts.

Also, posting on different communities and regularly contributing to these platforms makes people get to know you and understand that you're not just going to spam them. Starting a conversation or keeping it going about various niches also helps you contribute. People upvote, you get your 'karma points,' and finally, you get a presence within this particular niche or a particular subreddit.

The more you have your presence on Reddit, the more traffic you will get.

Final words

In simpler words, just go to Reddit and search for the communities you're interested in. Join them and provide value, and you will soon see a lot of traffic. Hope you got the valuable content you were looking for expand your presence and traffic on Reddit.