How to manage subscribers for your blog?

Team TypeStack
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You can import the list of subscribers from other platforms by following the below mentioned steps:

  1. On the side menu, go to “Subscribers” page under People module
  2. Click on “Add Subscribers” 
  3. You can either import individual subscribers by pasting email Id’s manually or by uploading a .CSV file 

You can also export your subscriber list by clicking on the “Export” button. You will receive an email that will contain the file with all the necessary information of your subscribers.

You can also customize the subscriber form by changing the title, button color, button text, background color and more.

  1. Go to Build your theme 
  2. Click on “Subscriber form”
  3. Choose where you want the form to appear in your blog 
  4. Select the subscriber form and click on “Customize this card”
  5. Change the title, caption, background etc. according to your choice