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Once you have written your exceptional piece, it’s time to put it out there, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can publish your content.

The easiest way to publish your blog post immediately is to click on the publish button on the editor.

Once you’ve completed your article

  • Click “Blog Settings
  • Click “Update status” to change the status of your article to Drafts, Unpublished, Archived or Delete
  • Following options will be available for you to complete 

          > "Post URL” - Title of your blog post will already be auto-filled but you can edit the slug according to your requirement.

          > “Set as featured option” - It will show that particular blog post in the featured section of your blog homepage.

          > Publish option - Select when you want to publish, select “Immediately” if you want to publish right away.

          > If you want to schedule the post,

             - Click “Schedule date and time

             - Select date and Time

  • Categories” - You can either add a new category or select from already created categories.
  • Advanced SEO settings

          > Meta title - Add the title of your blog post of how you want it to appear on google.

          > Meta Description - A brief two-line description or the first line of your blog post that will show under the meta title.

          > There will be a preview option as well that will help you to see how it appears on google.

  • Link Share settings:

          > Upload the image that you want to be shown on your social media platforms when you share it on the platforms.

          > Update the title and description 

  • Click “Save
  • Click “Publish

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