How To Reach Your Target Audience?

Team TypeStack
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Your target audience is not a group of people like between a certain age or a group of people working in a certain location. Your target audience is one individual because you could be targeting a 25 year old male this is an entirely different person on a Monday morning at 9:00 am than he would be on a Friday night at 11:00 pm. Let alone once you start adding in other years there. It just gets way too broad, way too quickly so the issue is that most people think of defining their target audience this way. Like my target demographic is 25 to 34 year old males or women and that is just a large big broad brushstroke.

So instead what you should do is, analyze your audience and decide which is the best platform to focus on and what kind of content is your audience linking. For example, on Instagram page insights will give you an understanding of your audience. You can look on YouTube, Google Analytics and you can find out the biggest specific year and gender that is represented the most in your audience base. And then you single in on that individual and you basically understand it's a 25 year old male, you give that male a name. Then you try to think about their likes and dislikes, like what books they read, or what netflix shows do they watch, how do they get to work, what do they do for a living, are they single, married, engaged, or in a relationship. You need to identify what that person is and who they are. Let’s call this person Larry who is your target audience. And your content is completely targeted to Larry. 

Does that mean that you're going to get Sam who's two years older? Yes, it does, but it means when Larry reads that it is as if you are reading Larry's mind and specifically talking to him and you know exactly who that individual is. So then everything that you put out it strikes like lightning it literally sets that person on fire and they feel a kinship, like they're connected with you because everything that you put out is so targeted towards them. When people do this, they assume they're discounting and not talking to everybody else, however, that is not the case. You're still talking about the overarching problem that your market experiences. But you're zeroing in on the bullseye who is the individual within your target audience so that's the very first and most important thing in marketing. 

It is understanding who it is that you're speaking to, you will still get the other people if you're talking about the overarching thing that they want, but you will be magnetic to that specific individual that you want then in terms of putting out content.  You want to go where your target audience is. You can look at engagement and all of those kinds of things but more or less where are they hanging out, like are there more of the 25 year old males on instagram or are more of them on tiktok. If more of them are on tick tock then you should be going on tik-tok. 

The realistic thing that you want to look at is where am I going to get the most leverage. For instance, on tiktok or if it's reels look at what has the longest life. Have a look at, where the biggest group of individuals are hanging out, where is the largest group of that individual, that you're looking to target, Larry. Which platform are they on and then run it through another lens and have a look at which is the channel that is going to be the most evergreen. And that you can get leverage on for many months and years to come, not just a short term dopamine rush. Like going viral and then the discovery of that is kind of over. So that's the thing that you should look at and keep in mind when defining your target audience. Build different personas and create content targeting that one individual, you will actually be targeting a much larger group, and generating many more leads.