How To Remove Plagiarism From Images?

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Dec 01, 2022  . 4 min read
How to remove plagiarism from images - TypeStack
How to remove plagiarism from images - TypeStack
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Images speaking the truth or lie is not our concern until we have to use them in our research paper, article or proposals. But do they cause Plagiarism? 

Do images cause Plagiarism? If we use images from other sources, is it detected that these are plagiarized? If yes, then how to remove plagiarism from images?

In this blog, you will find out tricks to use to remove Plagiarism from images. These tricks are well-tested, so you don't have to worry whether they are legitimate or not. 

Let's get started:


Just write free images or Copyright-free images on Google, and you will find a lot, such as Unsplash. It is the most famous, and some of the others are Freepik, Pixabay, and Pexels. Hope so you will find your targeted image. Suppose you need an image of a drone, just write drone and you will find many of them.

You can use that image anywhere, including your article or research thesis. And, if you are using that image in any article and it is going to publish on any website, it will certainly do no harm to website SEO because these images are free of cost; just pick the image and use it.


Try to make the required images yourself. Here, we are talking about the figures having different boxes, drafts, and other similar things. Now, these things are usually related to the project's work or data flow or the figures required in research paper writing to describe the methodology or design of research. 

Download Microsoft Visio, a free tool. It is useful if you want to show the data flow of your research or you want to show the working of your project. It is easy just to design it yourself. This is the way in which you can use the figures of others. For example, to use an image, you can remake it using rearranging tricks. 


Let's say that you need an image at any cost, and you know that it will be considered plagiarised and can be caught by Turnitin. Even if the image is from a free source, and if you want to bypass Plagiarism 100%, then use online investing tools. It will invert the image from left to right and right to left. It will reduce the chances of harming SEO in the case of a website, or Turnitin can catch you in the case of a research paper. 

So, these are the three simple ways by which you can use an image without any copyright issues. The term invert is simple mirroring of the image. 

However, in the case of a research paper, we have to follow some particular format. There are many format styles like IEEE, APA, and Harvard. So in the case of a research paper, proposal, or defense, you have to follow that required referencing style. For example, you can find a way to cite images from online resources according to APA style. 

You have to follow the proper required structure, but in the case of an article that has to be published online, there are 2 cases- first is to use the image without reference, but it can result in website de-rank, or it can impact Search Engine Optimization, or you add accounts can be dismissed. 

The second case is if you use the referral link, it will result in an Outbound link which will positively impact your article's SEO. The main key point is Turnitin is unable to catch image plagiarism. In Turnitin documentation, it is mentioned that they are working to catch the Plagiarism caused by figures or images; they have been facing this issue for a long time as some students convert their assignments into images and check the Plagiarism on Turnitin, which will be zero of course and they show that report to the teacher, but Turnitin say that they create a flag and show similarity report instead of solid plagiarism report.

But it does not mean you should start using plagiarised images. Learn to give credit to others. 

So, why are we telling you all of this if Turnitin is inefficient in images? Actually, Turnitin is getting better with time, and ultimately, one day, they will find a way to find that these images in the document are plagiarized. Use free images or create them yourself, or mirror them before citing the images. But in the end, if your question is- Does image plagiarism matter? The answer is plagiarism checker is not much efficient to this day, so please cite the images properly in the research paper.