How To Scale Value In Email Outreach?

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Dec 02, 2022  . 3 min read
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Outreach emails usually have similar anatomy. They include a good reason for contact and a value proposition. And the great thing about using the hybrid approach is that your linkable point will be your "good reason for contact." For example, if they have an outdated stat, your reason for contact is to tell them about it and share new data. In this blog, you will get to about scaling "value" via the hybrid outreach method.

How to find a value proposition?

Now, finding a value proposition that appeals to the majority is the tough part because "value" is subjective to the person receiving the email. But because the hybrid approach forces you to segment prospects, your value propositions can be more impactful because of the similar attributes that prospects have in a given segment.

Now, there is no set list of value propositions because it depends highly on the context of your linkable point. But a good way to start brainstorming value props is to think about how your reason for contact impacts prospects and their audiences.

Explaining it with an example

Let’s suppose you are working on a natural health site and noticed an article from a large publication, which was recommending everyone should consume cinnamon to lose weight, on the basis of a chemical compound called cinnamaldehyde. Now, a top-leading essential oils expert specifically states in his book that you should not consume too much cinnamaldehyde because it can kill you. So how many people are saying this? Well, with a search like this in Content Explorer, you will see hundreds of pages.

So you have a reason to contact them, and that's going to set the context of your email. Now, how does it impact prospects and their audience? Well, if someone follows their tips, there could potentially be lost lives and lawsuits. In other words, there is potential for a pretty strong pitch. What you need to do now is update your page on cinnamon essential oil stating the correct facts and then contact prospects to let them know of potential dangers in their content.

What results can you achieve?

Talking about the results, you may end up securing some top-notch links from big publications with an improved conversion rate. Now, it's important to note that your email should not induce fear into prospects. It should highlight the importance of updating their content.

Now, pitch angles don't always have to be strong always. Sometimes, that isn't even necessary to get good results. The truth is that most people won't care because everyone has outdated content on their site, and it's impossible to keep everything up to date at all times.


So the bottom-line is that when you are coming up with value propositions, try and brainstorm ideas by segment. Use your reason for contact as a starting point to understand how linking to you will impact prospects and benefit their audience. It's not an easy exercise, but you will find that strong value propositions that are tied to your linkable point. It can help you create quite an easy-to-write outreach email plan. It can also lead to incredible conversion rates for link acquisition. Try them out!