How to Start Link-Building Campaigns Fast?

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Dec 05, 2022  . 3 min read
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We all know that the process of figuring out emails and then validating them is both time-taking and tiring. This is why most companies prefer availing services rather than doing all the manual work. So, those with deep pockets can afford to pay for such services, or they can set up an in-house team of link builders, who can create content, search for prospects, vet them, dig out the emails, and then send the outreach pitch. The quality is much better, however it is not an efficient way to build links.

So, how do we do link building efficiently? Is there any way to find the emails of quality link-building prospects, without shelling out huge money? Well, this is where the blitz list comes in handy. It can help you find valid email addresses programmatically.

What is a Blitz List?

It is a list that contains “ready-to-send” outreach emails. The list is generated according to a sample of your assessed prospects. There are two purposes fulfilled by the blitz list. They are:

  • A blitz list can help you save plenty of time from finding relevant and qualified emails.
  • By contacting just a sample of your main prospects, it validates your outreach pitch.

How to create your blitz list?

There are three ways you can build your blitz list. Here they are:

1. Google Sheets

You should seek the help of a developer to create some App Scripts around Neverbounce's email verification call and Hunter's author finder call. This will provide you with the maximum flexibility in formatting your sheets. To make it quick, you can use Hunter for Sheets. It is a Google Sheets add-on. After installing it, all you have to do is go to the Finder tab, select author finder, pick the column of your URLs in this box, and click on the "Find Email Addresses" button. This is how the list is generated.

To make the list perfect, you need to use an email verification API. Here, you can use a custom app script. You can also use a cleaning tool, upload a CSV of the email addresses list, and the tool will do all the cleaning for you.

2. Create your own custom-coded program

It is one of the best method available for scaling email finding. It allows you to have a very detailed description of how you prefer your workflow to be. All you need to do is find a reliable link building agency having a decent track record.

3. Use Google Sheets along with no-code tool

The third method is more like a combination of the first and the second methods. You can use Zapier. The main advantage of this method is that you get the simplicity and flexibility of Google Sheet and custom coded tool respectively. But, if you are not quite comfortable with logic programming, this method can get a little complicated for you.


So, those are the three ways you can speed up your link building campaigns by generating blitz list. To perfect the process, you would definitely need some practice. Try them out and get familiar with the various processes involved.