Track Forms Automatically In GA4 (Google Analytics 4)

Team TypeStack
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Dec 02, 2022  . 3 min read

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the next generation of Google Analytics, and it's packed with new features and capabilities. In this post, we'll take a look at GA4 and how it can benefit writers and marketers.

GA4 offers writers and marketing professionals a number of features and capabilities that can help them better understand their audiences and create more targeted content. For example, GA4's new "User ID" feature allows writers to track individual readers as they move from site to site, providing valuable insights into which content is most popular with specific readers. GA4 also offers improved data visualizations and reporting tools, making it easier to spot trends and track progress over time.

One of Google Analytics 4 or GA4s newest features is the ability to track form submissions. This feature makes the life of many marketers and professionals easy as they can better understand user behavior and track form submissions.

In this blog, we're going to look at the new automatic form tracking feature Google has added to GA4, or Google Analytics 4. This new feature is part of enhanced measurement.

If you have forms on your website, then you can now automatically track when people first interacted with a form and when they submitted a form.

Once you are in your Google Analytics account. To configure form tracking, you first need to navigate to 'Admin,’ then select 'Data Streams.’ Once you have data streams opened up, you will see that enhanced measurement is enabled.

Next you need to click the configuration icon and then enable the option to measure form interactions. Now go ahead and click 'Save'. That is, you have configured tracking for your forms.

We suggest you test your configuration to see if it’s working.

To do this go to ‘Tag Assistant,’ next enter your website and click 'Connect.' Now navigate to a form you have on your website, complete the form and then click 'Submit.' Now head back to Tag Assistant, and you will see an event that measures when you first interacted with the form and you will see an event for the form submission.

Now go back to Google Analytics and open the DebugView. You will see that the form events have been collected by Google Analytics. So you can now use enhanced measurement to automatically track forms on your website.

We would want to highlight that, if you're currently tracking forms using Google Tag Manager, then you should review these first. If you're already sending events and you enable the option in enhanced measurement, then you're likely to be double-counting form submissions in Google Analytics. So just use one method to track your forms.

GA4 is a powerful new tool that can help writers and marketers better understand their audiences and create more targeted content. If you're looking to get the most out of your web traffic data, be sure to check out GA4