How to Use Google Trends?

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Dec 05, 2022  . 4 min read
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Google Trends is one of the widely used online tools by digital marketers. It helps you figure out what people are searching for. You also get to understand how the demand for any product or service fluctuates according to location, season, and other factors. But how to use Google Trends? In this blog, we will help you know the basics of using Google Trends.

Understanding the basics of Google Trends

When you visit the home page of Google Trends, the first thing you want to do is just scroll down until you get to the recently trending section of the page. These are the most popular topics that people are searching for on Google right now. So if you need to create some content or share an article that's going to drive a lot of clicks today, you can figure out the topics using Google Trends.

Google Trends allows you to identify the kinds of topics that you should be talking about or linking to. However, the greatest power of Google Trends is understanding the search volume related to a specific topic you're interested in; that's what we are going to do. We are going to use the search bar at the top.

Let’s take the example of socks. After entering socks, as soon as you hit search, you get given a trendline, and automatically you will get search traffic for the past 12 months in your country. The first thing you want to do is change that country to the region that you're interested in. You can choose worldwide and then the time period you're interested in. You can start by maxing it out from 2004 to the present time, and then straight away you have the trendline for searches on your topic from 2004 up until today's date.

Analyzing the figures using Google Trends

For socks, the first thing you will see is that searches started growing about 2008-2009. This was the time when the trend for more outrageous socks began. Some of the biggest sock companies were founded. You will also notice that the growth slowed down over the past few years so you can assume that the market as well as flattened out a little bit

The next thing you can check out is the peaks and troughs. They show how seasonal socks really are; if you hover over the peaks you'll see that every year people are really searching mainly at Christmas and then over the rest of the year the search volume really drops. So, if you were considering starting a sock company then you should keep in mind that growth has flattened out.

The next thing you can do is scroll down until you see related topics and related queries. Both related topics and related queries always default to rising. It means these are the new topics that are increasing the popularity within the time period you've selected. This is one of the ways to figure out the rising popularity of any keyword or topic.

However, when you change that to the top, it is going to give you the most popular related topics and queries. Hence, this really helps you to understand what trends are increasing in the area you're looking at. It can help you decide whether you need to be a little bit more niche or what other topics you can potentially create content about or pivot towards.


So, that’s all about the basics of Google Trends and how to use Google Trends to figure out what is trending, or how a certain topic/keyword is performing at that point in time. For your content marketing strategy, Google Trends can be of great help!