How To Use Google Trends for SEO & Content Marketing: The Complete Guide!

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Dec 14, 2022  . 8 min read
How to use Google trends for SEO and content marketing - TypeStack
How to use Google trends for SEO and content marketing - TypeStack
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As marketers, there is a constant need to keep up with the Kardashians. Let me rephrase that, to keep up with trends. Whether it is the Kardashians or any other popular topic, It's important to profit from current trends. To understand what is popular and analyze these, Google Trends might just be the best tool for you.

Let's get into it and understand what Google Trends is and how you can benefit from them. This article will guide you on how to use Google Trends to generate better quality content that resonates with prevalent searches.

What is Google Trends?

What is Google Trends and how to use it effectively for SEO and content marketing - TypeStack
What is Google Trends and how to use it effectively for SEO and content marketing - TypeStack

Google Trends is a website that analyzes the most popular Google Search queries across different regions and languages. The website compares the search volume of various keywords over time using graphs.

According to Google, Google Trends Data provides access to a largely unfiltered sample of actual search requests made to Google. It’s anonymized, categorized, and aggregated. This let's users check interest in a certain topic from around the world or any specific region.

Google announced Google Insights for Search on August 5, 2008, a more comprehensive and advanced service showing search trends data. Google combined Google Insights for Search with Google Trends on September 27, 2012.

In simpler terms, it's a free tool from Google that exhibits the popularity of search terms. It is bundled with added features that discover demographic information, similar topics, and related search queries to help you evaluate search trends.

Steps to use Google Trends for keyword research

Now that it is clear what Google trends is all about, let's understand how to use Google trends for keyword research.

It’s a simple and easy-to-use tool that gives you optimum results. To begin with Google trends, follow these steps:

Type a keyword into the search bar or simply select one of the examples provided.

If you use the search bar, simply type the term you want information on and press enter. Let's take an example to understand easily. Begin by searching for “iPhone 14”.

You can scroll down to see interest over time, interest by sub-region, related topics, and queries. You can see a breakdown of how popular each term is in every state. The related topics & queries can help you optimize your SEO strategy.

You can also compare two keywords by simply adding another term in the compare section. For example, “ iPhone 13”. Google trends will give you a detailed comparison between both topics for you to analyze trends which will help you plan your marketing approach.

The benefits of Google Trends

Benefits of Google Trends - TypeStack
Benefits of Google Trends - TypeStack

It is essential to comprehend why Google trends are significant and what Google trends measures.

Google Trends measures keyword popularity instead of keyword search volume.

There is a difference between the two. Keyword search volume reveals how often a certain keyword is searched for within a defined time frame. While Keyword popularity is a qualitative measure of the significance of keyword segmentation.

Google trends measure the significance and relevance of a keyword, based on which you can tailor your content strategy.

You can find several other aspects that are measured and evaluated by Google trends. They are:

Trending Topics

Finding trending topics can assist you in content planning, identifying unique angles, and even staying relevant as a marketer.

Identify Seasonal Trends

Identify seasonal trends and build your SEO and content strategy accordingly for better results - TypeStack
Identify seasonal trends and build your SEO and content strategy accordingly for better results - TypeStack

A seasonal trend is one that returns on a regular basis, usually around a specific holiday. Going back a few years will also tell you whether a trending topic is a seasonal trend or a passing fad. If a keyword's traffic spikes around the same time every year, it's a trend.

Find Related Keywords

Easily find queries related to your keywords - TypeStack
Easily find queries related to your keywords - TypeStack

You can find topics and queries related to your keyword. It can help you to step up your game by determining which popular keywords to target using the "Related queries" section.

Interest by subregion

Identify your search terms popularity location or region wise - TypeStack
Identify your search terms popularity location or region wise - TypeStack

You can identify in which location your term was most popular during a specified time frame. You can view keyword popularity globally or by country, subregion, metro area, or city using Google Trends. This can assist you in fine-tuning your marketing campaigns and determining where your potential customers are.

Category of Keywords

To provide more accurate statistics, Google Trends has the ability to categorize your keywords. Because it helps you focus your keyword research on the appropriate context, the Categories tab is crucial.

Find YouTube video keywords

Majority of people use Google Trends to discover popular search keywords. However, Google Trends is also great for finding YouTube keyword ideas.

Using Google Trends for Fresh Content

Top online retailers are benefiting from content marketing as they drive more traffic, raise brand recognition, and attract more customers than ever before. Consequently, adding blog material to your website might aid in business expansion. Adding fresh content with the help of trending keywords can drive traffic to your website and keep it updated through which you can drive high volumes of traffic back to your website.

In order to understand how to use Google trends, it is necessary to know its application to use it to expand your blog traffic and enhance visibility.

Explore the Potential of Breakout

It is essential to grasp what does breakout mean in google trends to get a foothold on Google’s first page.

According to Google, “breakout” means that Google doesn’t have sufficient search volume data for a “before” and “after” % percentage difference.

So, instead of noting the exact percentage, they mark any search term that is growing by more than 5000% as a "breakout." A breakout occurs when a search term's popularity increases rapidly and describing it in terms of percentage increase becomes meaningless.

Breakout Keywords are not competitive yet. They are potential topics that can get you to rank on Google SERPs. You can benefit from it without a lot of backlinks.

When the keyword goes mainstream, you can rank to the top of the Google search results. Breakout keywords have untapped potential that can be your way out to rank on the top 3 search results and increase your visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Trends free to use?

Yes absolutely. Google Trends is a free tool that gives users data on trending of Google and YouTube search terms. You can use Google Trends to analyze trending topics and keyword popularity to discover trends. You can use Google Trends for better discernibility.

Can Google Trends be used for SEO?

Yes! It can be your go-to tool for your SEO strategy. There are plenty of ways you can do so. They are:

Keyword Research: Use Google Trends for free keyword research.

Identify Related Keywords: This is a distinctive feature of Google trends that is very useful. This feature is helpful because it enables you to find better, more relevant keywords based on your primary search term.

Explore Related Topics: You can use Google Trends to uncover related topics for future content in addition to discovering related search terms.

Location-Based Targeting: You will also need to consider the location for the best results. Using local keyword trends, you can determine which regions and sub-regions require your products or services, allowing you to target your SEO strategy precisely.

Curate Content Based on Current Trends: The Google Trends' homepage includes a section for trending searches. The hottest topics at the moment are trending searches.

All of these uses of Google trends can help you upgrade your SEO strategy and increase your conversion rates & visibility. This enables you to create a highly personalized SEO strategy.


Knowing how to use Google Trends to identify trends as marketers is necessary. Data from Google Trends is more significant and important than ever. These insights are essential for you to understand what your target audience is searching for and map your SEO strategy accordingly.

If you want to optimize your SEO and bring traffic to your page, you need to understand how to use Google Trends and apply it at the right place. You can get one step ahead of the competition by using some of the Google Trends advice in this article. Use these insights to up your game!