How to Use Infographics for SEO?

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It’s true that infographics are one of the most engaging ways to share information. Recently, they gained their share of popularity mainly because of the high SEO value they offer. This is why many digital marketers are now interested in knowing more about how to use infographics for SEO. Being a popular medium for information sharing, infographics can quickly spread awareness about your brand among your target audience. 

Why use infographics?

Using infographics, you can reach out to your customers and break down even complicated topics into simple and easy-to-understand content. As they are visually appealing, the information used in infographics is easy to digest for most. If your target audience finds the infographics to be appealing enough, they might even share them via social media platforms. As a result, the traffic generated in the process can significantly increase your website’s rank. 

How to use infographics for SEO?

When it comes to using infographics for SEO purposes, there are some tips you can put into use. Here are a few of them: 

1. You should always try to take a unique approach and maintain a unique design at the time of creating infographics. The design and message can differentiate your infographic from what is already on the internet. Make sure you deliver compelling information in an interesting way, because that is what captures the attention of your audience. 

2. Never overwhelm or bore your audience with unnecessary data or information. If you do so, they can quickly lose interest, and the whole point of your business infographic might go in vain! Hence, you should make its contents easy to grasp and understand. As people are already busy and a majority of them are constantly on the move, therefore they want crisp and concise information.  

3. The third tip is that always keep your text minimal. A text-heavy infographic design can easily turn off many customers. Just remember that you still have to provide an adequate amount of information that grabs their attention. 

4. Next tip, make sure you should add share buttons to your infographic. If you do, chances are high that your audience will feel inspired to share the content via their social media accounts. Social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook allow you to broadcast your message to the world. Also, make sure your share buttons are easy to use.

Infographics can result in higher search engine rankings. As people will spend more time on your website and even share your content on social media, it will drive more traffic to your website. It is all about increasing the quantity and quality of website traffic. It can also lead to increased conversions. All you have to do is do some research and figure out what topics are trending. Create a list of relevant and interesting topics and build infographics around them.


Without any doubt, infographics can significantly improve your website’s SEO. You just need to know how to pick the right topics and use the infographics in an effective way. Eventually, you will start seeing great results!