How To Use Statistics Content To Attract High Quality Backlinks?

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Nov 22, 2022  . 6 min read
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Undoubtedly, links are crucial quality indicators for major search engines, including Google. Therefore, link-building is an important aspect of all SaaS digital marketing strategies. Influencers and digital marketers are well-versed that earning quality links is challenging.

The key to successful and quality link building is to know the targeted audiences and understand the areas to focus on. Of all major link-building efforts, statistic-rich content helps build quality links as they are highly linkable.

Today, influencers and bloggers greatly rely on certified statistics to improvise and strengthen write-ups' credibility. So, whether the content highlights the latest industry-specific findings or is an original write-up, whenever anyone mentions the available data on the statistics page, they will directly link to your site.

So, use the latest and effective statistics content and write-ups to build quality backlinks and help content material creators access useful resource web pages.

Importance of Creating Statistics Content As Link Building Technique

Generating quality backlinks via email outreach can be challenging for influencers because the marketing emails often land on spam pages, and the mail is not responded to promptly. Besides, the process is annoying and time consuming. Moreover, visitor posts will likely take up more money for marketing and advertising. Content only demands a couple of professionals and less time to complete it efficiently. But, you need to ensure that the content created is fresh and informational, and it counts.

As you manage to educate the viewers with quality content without sales pitches, you will become capable of attracting the best visitors and viewers while creating quality hyperlinks. Besides, you can easily domesticate additional natural backlinks to heighten the domain authority.

Opting for the Right Link-Building Strategy

Of all off-site SEO Link building efforts, link-building is considered the most important for many reasons. SaaS companies use different methods to heighten their rankings, of which effective white-hat link-building techniques are mostly used. They are classified into four different types:

  • Outreaching for do-follow links
  • Attracting organic quality backlinks
  • Stealing competitor’s quality backlinks
  • Copying competitor’s backlink portfolio

Pulling quality organic backlinks to your content can prove to be an effective strategy for building natural links and improvising the content strategy. The proven techniques include creating excellent visual content and sharing valuable and crucial industry knowledge.

Starting with Effective Content Link Building Endeavor

Content marketing and link building go hand in hand to offer effective outcomes, especially when they are combined correctly. If your content marketing strategy is to produce and share valuable and informational content, link-building must focus on compelling others to promote it by linking your content.

Links on the content page can be unnatural and natural. The unnatural links are auto-generated, and these paid links can decrease the site in SERPs. So, they must be avoided. Use only high-quality, natural links for the success of link building strategy. As the name suggests, natural links are created organically to add creditworthiness to user experience and content.

Content creators must focus on creating valuable content because it increases the likelihood of getting other websites in a similar niche to backlink your content. Content created for conversions and link building must be shareable, interesting, engaging and informational. Over 50% of web traffic is attracted from organic searches. Hence, you must focus on creating link-worthy content that easily accessible on the internet.

Recognizing the Link Building Prospects

Content creators need to identify the perfect prospects before choosing any link-building strategy. Google and other search engines are the ideal destinations for link-building prospects. They help you to identify the link opportunities and even aid in learning about the business landscape.

Finding the best blogs and websites to link back to your website can be challenging and time-consuming. But, you can use reliable and effective link-prospecting tools that can help reduce the efforts and time in finding the ideal prospects.

Attracting Links with Statistics Content

To make your content valuable, readable, and informative, which people prefer citing or liking, you must ensure that the content is data-rich and well-presented with facts and findings. The most effective tip to attract links naturally is to integrate the web page designed mainly to attract links into the content strategy. For instance, you have to exhibit and use the latest relevant statistics of your niche.

The aim is to create statistic-rich content that not only beats the challenges but also attracts links naturally. Use the relevant and latest industry data and convert them into content while including other statistics that attract the interest of readers and audiences.

If you are using data for link building, keep in mind that readers never consume the stats the same way they read the regular blogs. Most of the visitors prefer scanning the page to find the curated list of stats that they can use to support the claims made on their page. So, ensure organizing the page in a way that is digestible for all. Adding jump links and grouping the stats in the intro section can be effective.

Outreaching for Link Building Content

As mentioned earlier, Google considers quality backlinks as the major ranking factor. So, nothing is more effective than building natural, high-quality links than outreach. So, find the most effective ideas to build high-quality links and make your outreach process easy, smooth, and efficient.

How to Write Link-Worthy Statistics Content for Effective Natural Backlinking?

High-quality link building is not only the outcome of outreach and content material partnering but also a consequence of the authoritativeness and standard of your content material. You might have noticed that in any good site ranking method, content creation and hyperlink construction collectively go hand in hand.

So, for creating link-worthy content, it is important to develop content targeting the users concerned with building hyperlinks. For any successful natural backlink generating process, you must create quality content keeping in mind the needs of content material creators.

Statistics give ample opportunities to content creators to add zest to their write-ups by integrating graphs, numbers, and other data visualization tools. It allows them to create engaging stories to keep readers hooked to the content until the end. Statistic content is created to be shared because it is enriched with informative data and stats while entertaining, making such content an ideal way to build high-quality, natural links.

If you want the targeted audiences to be accustomed to your brand and compel them to read more about your company, the strategy can do wonders. When the method is carried out effectively, the statistical content marketing strategy can help blogs and websites to generate high-quality, organic backlinks. But, the process must be completed in a proven way to avoid the penalties. So, ensure to use only the outlined techniques mentioned above to avoid the risk of potential penalties and damages.

If you are still not confident about carrying out the statistical content writing process, you must approach the experts in the field and get it done the right way for a quality link-building process. It will be worth your time and money.