9 Tips To Write Irresistible Blog Title (With Examples)

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For every blogger, it’s vital to know how to write a good blog title. This blog will provide you with nine useful tips to churn out great blog titles.

Do you know that, on average, eight out of ten people will read your blog title, but only two out of ten will click through it to read the rest?

Why is it so? Although there can be multiple reasons behind it that you need to take care of, the quality of your headline can be one of the main factors. So the question often is how to write a good blog title that makes your article more clickable.

A strong blog title is your first interaction with your reader. You will be surprised to know that your website traffic can increase up to 500% based on the title that you choose for your blog post.

As the blog title does most of the heavy lifting, nobody will read it if you get it wrong.

But you do not have to worry; we will give you nine top-notch tips (with examples) that you can use to write irresistible blog titles for your blog regardless of your niche.

What Should Be The Ideal Length Of A Blog Title? 

It might be your answer if you don't know how long a blog post title should be. A blog title of roughly 6-7 words tends to do better than titles with more or fewer words. This number is not too small. And it maintains suspense and curiosity. If it is too long, it becomes a sentence; hence, nobody will read it.


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Use Adjectives

What is the one thing that makes you click on any blog post? I am sure some single word hits your mind to open the blog. If you are new to blogging and always confused about how to title a blog post so that more people click on it, then use this easy method.

Along with pieces of information, you should add adjectives to your blog titles. Words like unique, extraordinary, incredible, shocking, and mind-blowing trigger readers' minds, and they tend to click on your blog post.

Your reader should feel curious after reading the blog title. It is one of the most effective ways how to write a good blog title.

Do some research and list adjectives you can use in your blog title that makes it more attractive and clickable.


  • My Amazing Journey To Entrepreneurship.
  • The Extraordinary Way To Make Money Online. 

Use Potent Generator

Potent Title Generator is a free tool that helps you create your title in seconds. It is a simple yet powerful software that can generate and save unlimited titles for any content on the web. This software has been designed with an easy-to-use interface, thus making it very user-friendly, and if you use it regularly, you will never face an issue with how to write a good blog title.

The main aim of this website is to help you find and save unique titles for any content on the internet. You can also use it as a website title generator or blog post name generator! All you have to do is enter some keywords in the box below, press enter, and it will come up with some unique titles. The title also depends on the type of article you will write; keeping in mind your audience and attention span, you must decide how long a blog post title should be.

Know Your Audience

When you have a clear idea about your readers' base and what kind of people come to your blog, it will get easier for you. Thus, you will get an idea of how to title a blog post. For example, suppose you are from the digital marketing niche and write about making money online, and you know that students who are just starting with online business mostly read your blogs. In that case, you can create the blog title accordingly. 


  • Make Money Online While You Are Studying.
  • Best Habits to Deveope As a Student.

Use Action-Driven Words

When someone reads your blog title, they should feel that this one will help, or this is what I was looking for, and how do you make them think that? Use words that drive actions by giving the readers rationales.

Tip, reason, ideas, facts, lessons, hacks, ways, and types are the words you can add to your blog title to make it more attractive, and definitely, more people will click on it to see what is there for them. It will shoot up your Click Through Rate.


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Create Urgency Through Your Title

Most people see the headline, click on the blog, and save it for reading in the future if they find it useful. But honestly, that later never comes. The blog will be kept in one of the opened tabs of the browser.

It would be best if you created a sense of urgency using your blog title, making the reader think they can't miss this thing. They should think about what it is in this blog that I need to know now only. Using urgency as a tool and the quality of your content, you can easily decide how to write a good blog title.


  • Million Dollar Side Hustle That You Can Start From Tomorrow.
  • The Next Big Thing in Meta Verse. 

Build Your Title Around Your Keywords

A blog post is about the keywords game. Adding relevant keywords to your blog post title makes it more clickable. It feels good when someone finds a blog post related to the entered keywords that they used for searching. And an article is all about its relevant keyword; when you learn how to use the relevant keywords effectively, you will get to know how to write a good blog title.

To understand this better, let's take an example. Suppose you are preparing a blog post on travel niche during your visit to Bali. You have to add relevant keywords. And you will come up with these five amazing things you can do in Bali. More people will click on it; you do not need to worry about how to optimise your blog post title.


  • 5 Things You Must Try In Bali For the First Time.

The Number 7

For some reason, the most popular number for clicks and titles. You should use this one to write tips, tricks, and advice on your blog. You can use "The" in front of the number to make it more interesting. So, rather than "7 strategies", you can go for "The seven strategies."

Your article seems to be a definite, all-encompassing list rather than just seven random things you happen to pick and string together.


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Promising Results

Psychologically, people are more interested in achieving something than just knowing something new. So you have to rephrase the standard from a how-to style title into an action.

This way, you are building trust with your readers, and they can even rely on your blog post, which will ultimately help them to take action and make a change.


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Roll Out Top-notch Blog Titles! 

Having that perfect and intriguing title will get your blog post clicked; this is why people have spent so much time on the headline since the beginning of journalism.

But you won't have to; follow these nine tips, and you will surely know how to write a good blog title. Time to churn out blog titles that your readers would find irresistible!