How to write an eBook?

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Dec 01, 2022  . 7 min read
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In this blog, you're going to learn everything between what to write your Ebook about, how to get the information out of your head onto paper finally, and how to deliver it to your people.

If you're a beginner and going through the process of trying to write your first Ebook, you must have a lot of questions like 'what even to write this thing about.' Now, let's get started:

Choose the right topic

The first thing you need to understand is that getting the topic right is quite crucial. And you choose this topic by assessing the skills and talents or maybe even the advice that you have to give someone else.

In order for your Ebook to do good, it needs to solve a clear problem one problem. We are not trying to throw everything that we know into one Ebook. Do you have extensive knowledge of something? Maybe there's one clear question that people ask you over and over again- you probably should write your Ebook on that. Do you have years and years of experience doing something, and people always come to you about that thing, those are the type of things that you should write your Ebook about.

You should have extensive knowledge in it, and be able to give advice on it, maybe relationships, maybe you've gone through a bad relationship, and you're trying to prevent other women from going through that, maybe you have a personal finance career, and you want to give tips there. Whatever you choose to write your Ebook about- make sure that you have knowledge of it and that you're somewhat passionate about it too. Because people can feel when you really don't know what you're talking about and you just did research on something and tried to create an ebook.

One of the most important that you need to make sure of is that you have the knowledge in the area that you're trying to teach someone about.

Most of the time, teaching ebooks do the best because most people want knowledge; they want to learn something. If it's related to finances, relationships, or wellness, you can assure that those three topics will do well. It doesn't have to be in those areas as long as you have knowledge in it and you know what you're talking about.

So you want to figure out how to choose a topic for your Ebook based on your own knowledge, talents, experience, or advice.

Thorough research

The next thing you want to do is your research right. So you don't want to just jump out here and make this Ebook on something that you think would be a good idea. Instead, you want to know for sure that your people want this and that it's going to sell when you finally create it. Because we're not into jumping out here creating things that no one wants to buy right, we're going to do our research.

The very first thing you're going to do is research on google right; you're going to type in the topic of your Ebook and see what comes up. What are the most popular blogs and websites that come up for this topic? You're going to read through those things and see the type of information that they put in.

And you're going to do the same thing on youtube as; well, find the top creators for that topic, find the top videos and make sure you go through the comments of these videos to see what people are talking about the most in the comments of these videos. What are some questions that people are asking because maybe the creator didn't go in-depth when it comes to that particular part of the topic? You want to make sure you're getting into the mind of your potential buyers- what is it that they truly want to know, not what you think they want to know, what is that they really want to know. And going in-depth into these comments and into videos, blog posts, and articles is really going to give you an idea of what people are asking when it comes to that particular thing.

Outline the Ebook

You would want to go step by step on what you want to include. You're making an outline correct. This is how you're going to keep your information organized so that it reads well to the person that's going to buy. Hence, try to create that outline; you're going to make sure that you include the most important questions people have about it. The thing that people want to know, you have to go as deep as you need to go. In order to clearly answer the one question you're trying to answer with your Ebook.

As mentioned above, we're not trying to throw everything that we know into this one Ebook. So when it comes to an Ebook, you don't want it to be way too long, and people never can finish it and never accomplish what they're trying to accomplish. You want to make it a shorter read than a longer read.

You would want to outline very specifically everything that you're going to put inside the Ebook. The most important part of the outline part is the research, and the outline should take longer than the actual writing of the book because this is where you're figuring out how to put that value inside your book. Make sure you take a nice amount of time on your research and your outline.


Give yourself about 24 hours to do the outline. The outline doesn't take long if you do good research. Similarly, the writing can be done in a day, but you need to take some time on that research and the outline before you get into the actual writing. If you don't like writing, don't worry, all you're going to do is whip out your cell phone or whip out your laptop and do voice-to-tech. You're simply going to talk about the topic that you're so knowledgeable in and that you're so passionate about, and you're going to let the device type it for you; on any mac product, there's a voice-to-text feature, and you can simply talk it out. Now, if you do not have a mac product, go into the app store and find a voice-to-text app.


It's time for us to format the document, so after you've done all the voice tags. You will need to do some editing to that document you're going to need to go in. And make some spelling corrections, you know, change up some paragraphs- how you've said things. Make it look a little bit fancy enough for you to be able to take the information and transfer it over to the actual Ebook.

You can go to Canva, which is absolutely free for the templates, photos, and all that good stuff. In Canva, you can use the free version, and you're going to look up an Ebook template or a4 document, and you're going to take that information that you spoke onto the document simply, and that is pre-format. Transfer it over to one of those templates; it's really that simple.

Now, if you want to make it even simpler, you can simply take the document that you spoke out and that you got together and leave it exactly like that. It does not have to be this beautiful groundbreaking template. The only thing you need to do at that point is to create a cover page for your document, and you can do that in Canva as well. Go to Canva, choose a cover page, make it cute and combine it together with your document.

You have your eBook created!

eBooks are said to be one of the major converting lead magnets, hope this article will help you write an eBook that can help you in securing a good spot in your industry.