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Almost every digital marketer spends their focus on link building strategies. To generate traffic for any website, it’s very important to get quality backlinks. There exists a number of ways for link building, and the use of infographics is one of them. Infographics not only help you create links pointing back to your website but also allow you to drive organic and targeted traffic back to your website as well. It works just like the answers on platforms like Yahoo and Quora. 

But how infographics can be used to send traffic and receive links to your website? How does this work? The key purpose is to create a pool of valuable infographic content so that other websites would love to post them. In this blog, we will help you understand the details. 

How to make an infographic?

Well, there are plenty of online tools available. Canva is one such tool you can use. In fact, it is one of the best tools available. You can create a free account and start working on an infographic right away. You can pick from the hundreds of templates and play with colors to make the infographic look as appealing as possible. To make your infographic visually appealing and impressive, you can use some stats and valuable figures. You can also add references to support the facts and figures.

How to use infographics?

Let’s take an example. So, you have already figured out a website with decent authority. On that website, there is an internal page where you can post your infographic. No doubt, the website will credit you and link back the infographic to your main website. This way, you will get a decent amount of traffic to your website.

So, how to create an infographic that can deliver great results? If your business website is related to HVAC repairs, you can create an infographic related to HVAC topics, such as how to choose an HVAC expert, how to maintain your air conditioner, etc. You can also check out quality blogs having good domain authority, and ask them if they would like to put your infographic content on their website. 

Infographics are actually rare. Only a small portion of websites will have quality infographics. We all know that infographics are actually very interesting to look at. You are basically giving them quality content for free, and visual content is always appealing. Before you post your infographic on other websites, make sure you brand them. By branding your infographic, you can create brand awareness for your website. People visiting those websites will be most interested in what you have to say. They will most likely click and browse around your website because they are actually interested this applies to any industry. 


So, that’s all about how to create infographics and how to use them as link building SEO tactics. The more infographics you make and post, the better your link building strategy will get. All you have to do is choose the right platforms.