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In this blog, we’ll cover the latest in the marketing world. Five tips from Google to help you boost your marketing efforts and business. Marketing has grown to become extremely dynamic and constantly changing and evolving to match the latest trends and technologies. It's important to keep up with the latest to create and execute effective marketing campaigns. 

Do not Noindex pages with comments

Google says do not noindex pages with comments. If you have a page and it's got some really good quality comments on it, Google's saying keep that page in the index. However, if the comments on a particular page are not of good quality, that may affect your rankings negatively instead of helping. So always focus on the quality of the content on your page, whether its content you have published or comments from users.

Quality Rater Guidelines

Google says quality rater guidelines are not actually ranking tips. John Mueller said in a response “My recommendation would be to read the quality rater guidelines, It's not a collection of ranking tips, but it can be useful in thinking about topics and things that can help your rankings.” What does that mean? Well they could just be ranking tips. 

Cloaking affiliate links

Google says cloaking affiliate links won't buy you anything. So there's this thing in SEO when you have a lot of affiliate links on your website, people try to make it so that Google can't see that. Because if there's too many advertising links it could potentially hurt your ranking. Hence, don't try to cloak your affiliate links is what Google is saying. 

Video Structured Data

Further, Google says that adding video structured data will not actually make your video stand out. So if you're hoping for it to do that it doesn't actually make it moreprominent. 

The Helpful Content Update

Google offers a helpful content feedback form. Google rolled out a major update called “The Helpful Content” update. You might have noticed some keywords jumping around inside of Google and if you think that your site has been adversely affected, it shouldn't have been. They have a new feedback form that's going to allow you to put your website in there, so that they can gather more information. 

Faster Videos on YouTube

On YouTube we're seeing that more and more viewers are watching videos at faster playback speeds. In fact 85 percent of users who adjust the playback speed do so to watch the videos at a faster than normal rate. And 1.5 is the most common, so people want to see people talking super fast on video as they want to get through it quicker. So create quick short videos without stretching your content. 

Promotion Tab in YouTube Studio

YouTube pushes the promotions tab in YouTube studio. So the new promotions tab in YouTube Studio makes it possible to manage your ad campaigns without exiting and heading over to the Google ads manager. This new promotions tab is going to make it easier than ever for you to do advertising inside of your YouTube account.  

Hard 404s vs Soft 404s

Google says 404s waste crawl budget. So if you're redirecting your 404 pages to the home page or some other page on your website you could be wasting your crawl budget. According to Google a hard 404 won't take up your crawl budget, and so they're saying do a hard 404 instead of a soft 404. 

So these are some of the major updates that can help you stay up to date with the newest marketing trends.