Learn to use NLP with your SEO

Team TypeStack
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Dec 05, 2022  . 4 min read

You must have noticed that when you search on Google, in most scenarios, they know what you're looking for. It is because they use NLP. So, in this blog, you are going to learn how Google uses NLP and how you can too with your SEO. And how NLP SEO is going to help you.

NLP stands for Natural Linguistic Processing. It helps Google understand that when you search for terms like Apple, are you actually looking for the food or the computer company that sells phones? They use NLP in their algorithm updates just like BERT and MUM.

Here's a rough overview of NLP and how it's used by search engines. You first have speech recognition, text-to-speech, and speech-to-text. Then you have to extract the meaning of sentences and parts of sentences or phrases, adjectives like, "Too short," or propositional phrases like, "To the house." Then you have to recognize basic forms of words and acquisition of grammatical information. Then you got to recognize the functions of individual words in a sentence, such as a subject, a verb, an objective, or even an article. Then you have segment previously captured speech into individual words, sentences, and phrases.

Without getting into the details, let’s cut to the chase, search engines are using NLP to figure out what your content's all about and match it to what people or searchers want. This means their rankings aren't just going to be based on keywords. Hence, when you're doing your SEO, don't think about keywords, but more so think about topics. What is everything that you need to cover on a specific webpage to be thorough about your topic, and to ensure people are like, "Whoa, this article has covered everything, I don't need to go to another source."

This way, there's no uncertainty for the reader or visitor. But, now the question is how do you do this?

First off, head over to Ubersuggest, and type in a keyword related to the topic you're focusing on. And you'll want to do this with all the main keywords that the topic that you're covering is about.

For example, digital marketing. In the left-hand navigation, you need to click on keyword ideas. This is where you can find a lot of different keywords. Then click on the different tabs, related questions, and prepositions. This is where you'll find many keywords, and most of them are based on NLP. Integrating some of those words and concepts into your topics will help make sure that your content is thorough, which will eventually help you rank higher.

Now, if some of those keywords aren't related to the topic that you're covering, don't include them. Don't just add in these keywords for the sake of trying to get more traffic. Ensure you're focusing on the best user experience. The next step you need to take is to use an AI writer in the lab section of Ubersuggest. The AI writer uses NLP to figure out what people are looking for related to any keyword.

Now, the AI writer won't write a whole article for you. But it'll give you a start and save you around half the time it takes of writing content. So head over to the AI writer on the left-hand navigation. From there, put in the keyword you want the article to be about. For this example, let’s take the term marketing. Then select a title that works for you. Then a meta description from the list is provided. Then a few headings. And, keep in mind when you're selecting the title, the meta description, and the headings, you can modify this later on.

So it doesn't have to be perfect. After completing your final step, within seconds, Ubersuggest will spit out an article for you. Again, we wouldn't recommend publishing that article in its current state, but you can use it as a starting route. Fill in the rest, modify it, and shift around how things are laid out. Add some images, and videos, and expand upon the text.

In other words, make it so amazing, people won't need to read another article. And that's how you can use NLP to improve your SEO.