Marketing hacks to help you make more money

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Dec 02, 2022  . 4 min read
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In this blog, we've brought to you marketing hacks that work no matter what. These five marketing hacks really mess with people's brains and can get them to buy products even they're not interested in. Also, we are going to create an example using all five of these marketing hacks just to show you how effective these strategies can be.

We'll be explaining each of these concepts and exactly how you can apply them, how you can revamp your marketing to include these, and just absolutely crush and make obscene amounts of money.

1. Scarcity

When you tell folks that there is a limited amount of something available, people just want to get it. People want to get things. Though scarcity is huge, there's another thing that works even better when combined with scarcity- urgency.

2. Urgency

It is when there's a specific time window in which you can get something in. Urgency is something that tells people that in order to get the item, they must act today. A lot of companies use this; this is really popular on things like groupon, where they say, "we have a special discount, but it's only good today." Before, only Amazon used to do this- where they had special discounts that were only good for a 24-hour period or window.

However, now a lot of businesses do this; they say one-day sale, which means that you can only get that discount if you act today, combining that with scarce. Resources are fantastic, combine them with these three other tactics, and you are gold.

3. Authority

Social proof is now an example of a financial authority. It might be somebody like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett or Elon Musk, or Richard Branson; these are all very rich wealthy people, and if you are looking for a business or a business opportunity to get involved with.

For instance, if Elon Musk recommends it go for it; you're obviously going to listen to him. Not to mention, he's the richest person in the world; how could he be wrong when giving financial advice? Another example would be for a health product: if your doctor recommended skin care treatment, joint relief, shampoo, beard care, foot cream, or pain medication. If it's doctor-recommended, generally speaking, people are going to go for it. Your doctor recommends you something- do what he recommends; that's what we're all taught by the media, by our parents, and by society.

You do what doctors say, and how could you disagree with a doctor because they are an authority in that field?

4. Celebrity

When a celebrity recommends something, for example, if Arnold Schwarzenegger recommended a testosterone supplement or protein supplement, it's going to sell out. Because he's not just an authority on muscle building, but he is a celebrity in the muscle-building field. He was Mr. Universe, and he's a famous actor and governor and many other things.

You almost sell out of a product just saying Arnold Schwarzenegger recommended muscle protein powder, and a lot of people would buy whatever it is. It's that easy if you add scarcity and urgency to it- you say Arnold Schwarzenegger recommended muscle-building supplements in limited quantities, available today, and only supplies will run out. And you're going to sell a lot of the supplement right because again- "today" is the only day you can get it in limited quantities available, it's "recommended" by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who knows muscle building and he's famous, so of course, the product is going to sell out.

You have to get your protein or testosterone booster muscle-building thing right now if you want to get the thing, even if you weren't interested in working out or even if you weren't into going to the gym or protein supplements if you see an ad like that. You would definitely buy it.

5. Customer

Again, limited quantities available sell out only available today. Arnold Schwarzenegger recommended muscle supplements. You would want to see what customers are saying- real people using it adds believability, so showing what real people are saying about a product is so important, not just like fake people on a web page. You would want to see what people are saying about this on Instagram on youtube about this new Arnold Schwarzenegger-recommended protein booster.

So, this is how marketing works and how easy it is to sell products. If you just know the mental switches to hit, it's pretty fun. When you start really figuring out all of this stuff and being able to look for it and apply it like a second nature, like a six-step sense, you end up becoming a multi-millionaire. It works, and the people who get it and apply it to these secrets become extraordinarily wealthy.