My Favorite Keyword Research Strategy!

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Dec 05, 2022  . 3 min read
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Wondering how to find keywords that can pull in tons of traffic to your website? Finding the right keywords is one of the most vital aspects of your SEO strategy. According to the studies conducted, 68 percent of online activity begins with a query phrase in a search engine. So, it’s essential to identify the right word to add to your content. As per Atrex, just 0.16 percent of the most popular keywords account for 60 percent of all searches! So, it means that if you want your keywords to show up in the search results, you need to be extremely careful while selecting them. So, let’s understand how to pick the right keywords.

Step #1: Keyword Discovery

This part can be somewhat difficult, however, with a little practice, you can easily master it. Choosing broadly targeted keywords or unclear phrases can be a major mistake. This is why you need to make use of keyword research tools. Using such tools, you can generate a detailed breakdown of your targeted keywords. You can know about their search volume, paid difficulty, cost per click, estimated competition, etc.

Step #2: Analyzing and picking the best keywords

Discard the keywords that are of no use to you. Keyword research tools can help you check what page is ranked for and a list of keywords that you can use. It also tells you the number of shares these keywords have on social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Pinterest. Do some research on the keywords used by the most successful websites. Those are the keywords you want to rank for. You can also brainstorm content ideas based on that.

Step #3: Make final choices

To complete the last step of keyword selection, there are four vital components you need to consider. You can create a spreadsheet and jot down every single detail you come across during the process. In case your website belongs to the commercial category, you can choose keywords having a commercial intent. Likewise, if your blog’s purpose is to educate your audience, use keywords that provide your audience with advice and learning. Go for keywords that have a high search volume along with a low difficulty level. You need to figure out a sweet spot between them.


So, that’s all about the keyword research strategy that can work for your website. The key is to use the right keywords in your content consistently. From blog posts to web pages, you need to integrate the keywords almost everywhere, which also includes your title tags and your meta tags.